life lately



May has been the sweetest (and fastest!) month.  I don't know if you heard but we went on a little vacation last week ^.  It was glorious and much needed.  Pier is currently sick with some virus and I am feeling very much 34 weeks pregnant, so we're still in post-vacation recovery mode over here.  In the meantime I'll just be daydreaming of the blue Michigan water and fudge shops aplenty to keep me going.

Excuse the Martha Washington hair I'm rocking in that last photo...the wind was not my friend that day.

The rest of our May has been filled with farmer's market saturdays, nature hikes, and gardening.  The gardening is a new hobby for the Fossiers.  Brad and Pier worked all day long on Mother's Day to make my gardening dreams come true!  I have the worlds brownest thumb, but so far nothing has died so I think we're doing ok.  We also read The Secret Garden as a family and it gave us the push we needed to go all in with this gardening thing.  It's already been so much fun to do together and I'm hopeful we'll get better at it year after year.

Hope your May has been lovely as well.  
And I can't believe it's almost baby month guys!