a playful adventure nursery

I'm happy to (finally!) share Pier's nursery with you.  I have been working on his room for the last two years (basically since we found out we were pregnant) so it's been a slow, carefully thought out process. I knew this room was going to be a place we were going to spend a lot of time in, so I wanted it to be a special environment for Pier to grow and learn.

the process:

We envisioned the room feeling warm, welcoming, and above all, fun.  Kids are messy, imaginative, extraordinary people and I wanted to reflect a that in my son's space.  Also, it needed to be gender neutral... Even though we found out the gender of the baby early on in the pregnancy, I didn’t want it to be a strictly “boys nursery”.  I knew that future children will use a lot of the same items in Pier’s room, so that inspired a playful and colorful design that will easily transition as he and his future siblings grow.   

The entire design happened organically.  The more I got to know Pier, the more I became attuned to his interests.  For example, he loves books.  So that's why I wanted a corner of the space to be dedicated to his books.  A little reading corner seemed to fit him perfectly!  And don't you love that print? I saw it on a Cup of Jo yearssss ago and knew that it would be just the right amount of whimsy for Pier's room.  It makes me smile.

the inspiration:

We knew Pier's name very early on in the pregnancy, so I drew inspiration from his namesake to help with the design process.  Mountains, nature, and adventure were all things I kept going back to when picking out items to fill the space.  The Italian saying "verso l'alto" translates to "to the heights" in English, which is one of Bl. Pier Girogio's famous phrases.  He was an avid mountain climber, and compared climbing the heights of a mountain to climbing the mountain of holiness.  Our goal as Christians is to soar to the heights to get to heaven, which is something I hope to impart to my child.  

The sweet hot air balloon artwork reminds me to soar to the heights.  It was generously done by my talented mother, who surprised me with it at my baby shower.  Brad drew this photo of Pier Giorgio when I was pregnant with Pier so he can always remember the man he's named after.  Basically.... it's a Pier Girogio themed room :) 

the logistics:

Everything in our house was given to us when we first got married, so this was the first room that we completely designed from scratch.  We're currently renting, which means we can't paint the walls or do any major changes. We did everything very slowly.  You don't need a perfectly designed nursery in order to bring home a baby!  The majority of the bigger items here were gifts, or purchased with gift cards, and a lot of the other little things I bought gradually.  The prints and artwork holds sentimental value to me, because most of it was done by dear friends. It's also important to me that I support small businesses where I can.

I plan on writing a separate post of the sources of everything we used to make this nursery what you see here.  So stay tuned!  And I apologize for the influx of photos --- I just couldn't narrow them down.  Big thanks to my Indy pal Val for these.  She's a gem y'all. Hope you enjoyed this little peak into our lives!