our (last) midwest easter

Yesterday we celebrated one of my favorite days of the year -- EASTER -- and my face hurts from smiling as I think back reliving the celebrations.  It was our last Midwest Easter and it didn't disappoint (except, maybe if it was like 20 degrees warmer ;)).  We started out our morning opening Easter baskets filled with candy, new summer toys, and warm weather clothes (and Eulalie's first swimsuit which makes me cry every time I look at it because it's so TINY AND CUUUUUTE).


Then we attended mass at our parish with our dear friends Carrie + Andrew and their adorable kids Stella Maris, Ophelia, and Des who are around the same ages as our kids.  I providentially met Carrie a few months before moving up to Indianapolis and she totally took me under her wing when I first moved here.  If you know me, you probably have heard me talking about "my super holy friend Carrie" because she is truly a gift to me and I talk about her all the time haha.  As we're coming up on four years of friendship, it's going to be strange not to see them on a weekly basis//extremely difficult to say goodbye to these beautiful people.  You better believe that we've already started planning lots of combined family vacations.  (And Brad and I hope to succeed in convincing them to move down south...)


Aren't they the cutest?! After mass we had lots of Easter fun at their house with an Easter egg hunt and giant bubble competition outside that was enjoyed by all (it was chilly, but we pretended we were Swedish and tolerated it very impressively).  Stella Maris is five and Pier loves playing with her -- he thinks she is hilarious (she is) and follows her around like a little puppy.  Ophelia is in Pier's class at school, but in typical two year old fashion, they don't really like to interact with one another ha!  Ophelia is the sweetest and she's such a little mama -- she much prefers Eulalie's company and pretends that E is a real life baby doll.  I also tried to sneak two or three photos of Desmond and Eulalie so we can use them in their wedding slide-show one day, but he was playing hard to get #daretodream.


In continuation of our Indiana Easter traditions, we feasted on yummmayyy farm-to-table fare at Trader's Point Creamery.  It's my favorite place to visit in the spring because the farm is bursting with new life.  I was giddy seeing all the animals and their babies!  Pier kept saying "NOOOOO am-i-na-mals" and "too messyyyyyy" which left me questioning if our move out to the country was a good idea? lolz.

We want to wish you all a very blessed Easter filled with the sacred joy of the Pascal mystery.  Alleluia, He has risen! He has risen indeed! PS. This was our backyard this morning....I miss you flowers.  SPRING ARE YOU LISTENING??! IT'S ME, EMILY. But I guess if it's going to snow in April, it will of course be the most beautiful Narnia snow ever.  


six 10 minute habits to a better you

Your moments matter.

Think about all the time you've spent watching T.V., scrolling through social media, or reading pointless Buzzfeed articles.  Do you think that's been well spent, or has it left you feeling drained, discontent, and bored?  How much time have we wasted doing those things?  Ten minutes? Twenty?  Or has it robbed you of precious hours, not minutes, of your life?  

Our time on this earth is a gift. We should be spending time doing things that cultivate that gift -- things that bring us joy and encourage our physical and mental well-being.  That's where I came up with these six 10-minute-habit to help us spend our time wisely.   These six habits inspire me to become a better person -- a more present wife and mother and daughter of God.  In order to accomplish this goal, I set aside ten minutes increments in my day to get it all done.  Ten minutes doesn't seem too scary does it?  Some days I have more flexibility than others where I can spend more time in one or more of these areas, but I always always have ten minutes here or there to devote to the things on this list.

I believe you can accomplish anything if you are consistent and persistent in pursuing it.  By committing ourselves to small things each day, it will result in big positive changes over the years if we keep them up. These small yeses to healthy habits are the best kind of #selfcare -- caring for self doesn't just mean bubble baths and chocolates (read THIS article to see just what I mean), but choosing how you spend your time to better your mind, body, and soul.

Your moments matter.


No.1 | 10 minutes of PRAYER

Of course, prayer always comes first.  Lean into silence, fill your heart with gratitude for another day on earth, and rest with our Lord for at least ten minutes a day (or longer!).  If that seems too uncomfortable, try praying five minutes in the morning and five in the evening.  It helps if this is the first thing you dedicate yourself to each day.  If you are new to prayer, expect some bumps (restlessness, dryness, and distractions are all normal and are all things even saints struggled with!).  You will quickly discover that when committed to this ten minute resolution, the Lord will repay you abundantly.  He will fill your day with such peace and will personally show you how desperately eager He is to pour out grace on receptive hearts.  If God willed us into existence and gave us His son to give us life, the least we can do is give Him ten minutes of our hearts in return.

no. 2 | 10 minutes of movement

Staying consistent with exercise is difficult for this busy mama...as much as I would love to devout an entire hour to a class or a long run, it just doesn't happen as often as I'd like.  You can still get an effective workout in ten minutes. By establishing a goal of getting at least ten minutes a day of exercise I am not only staying on top of my physical health but my mental health as well.  My days become more productive, I have more energy, and I am happier all around whenever I have these few minutes to myself to get my body moving.  My favorite escape is doing a quick Pilates workout with Robin from the Balanced Life, or doing ten minutes dance cardio with my pretend personal trainer Tracy Anderson.  Pier even joins in on the fun and loves to run around in circles while mama does her "x-er-schiz".

no. 3 | 10 minutes of creating

Sneak in ten minutes every day doing something that is life-giving to you.  Whether that is sewing a dress, writing a blog post, baking bread, crafting with your kids, knitting a blanket, or something art related like calligraphy or water coloring -- make time for it! Doing something creative every day gives me a huge boost in my mental wellness.

no. 4 | 10 minutes in nature

In Sweden they have a saying that has quickly become one of my favorite motos: "there is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes".  Swedish children spend at least one hour a day outdoors year round, rain or shine.  Isn't that amazing?! It's easy to spend all day outside when the weather is perfect, but when it's too cold or wet or sticky?  Nope.  I wish I was better at it!  It seems like every time it rains or snows I just want to curl up inside with a cup of something warm and a good book.  But spending time outside -- even in yucky weather -- really does make a difference in my day and it makes a huge difference in my children's day as well. Unfortunately, in our culture kids spend more time indoors than out (usually sitting in front of a TV or a video game if we're being honest).  I want to be a parent who is enthusiastic over the beauty of a rainstorm...who isn't afraid to get mud on her clothes...who believes that the backyard is the greatest entertainment there is! It's something I continue to work on, but spending at least ten minutes outside with my children (or sneaking away by myself) is manageable to me.

no. 5 | 10 minutes of reading

I try to either read ten pages or for ten minutes each day, whatever comes first.  I need some type of intellectual stimuli to get me thinking --  thinking is good! -- and reading is the best way for my dusty mom-brain to become less mom-brain-y.  I want to not only be a life-long learner, but I also want to instill a love of learning in my children too.  By making time to read either a spiritual book or a work of fiction, I'm not only bettering my mind but also setting an example for my children to make literature a priority.  

no. 6 | 10 minutes of cleaning

I call this the power clean.  I try to make it as enjoyable as possible by lighting a candle, listening to some music or a podcast, diffusing some essential oils, and if I'm being honest, putting my toddler in front of the iPad so he stays in one spot (ten minutes of Netflix won't ruin him for life guys).  Then I set the timer for ten minutes (or longer if I have the energy) and get to work doing a quick pick up, sweep the kitchen, tackle the dishes, or put away the laundry.  It's just a small dent in the larger mess that is my life but it feels so good once the timer goes off and my house is a bit cleaner than it was before I started.  I feel like I clean all day long...a task that would take me five minutes usually takes me five hours when both the kids are awake and needing me...so I like the ten minute power clean because I can get a lot done in such a concentrated amount of time. 


All these totaling up to ONE HOUR out of a daily twenty-four.  That's sparing ten minutes here or there among the chaos of life to check in with your own well-being.  Try it and let me know if you've noticed a difference in your day!


life lately



1 | Eulalie loves the snow, Pier does not ^.  Lots of snow days means that Eulalie got to experience her first snowfall and I dressed her up in the same winter suit Pier used when he was a baby.  It's been either gloomy cold rain or slushy snow lately, leaving us with lots of days spent indoors.  We are going a bit stir crazy in the Fossier house -- either fighting off illnesses or battling with inclement weather and trying our best to combat cabin fever.  As someone who loves the outdoors, I do my best to make it enticing to get outside even when the weather doesn't cooperate.  However, a certain two year old doesn't like to get messy in the rain or snow so my efforts are usually a bust.  We do lots of art projects and build cities and watch movies...hopefully the sun will be shining too because we are ready for Spring!  February may be the shortest month of the year but it FOR SURE feels like the longest.

2 |  Speaking of illnesses, this month marked my first time getting mastitis.  It wasn't my favorite. 

3 | Also speaking of illnesses, Eulalie got the flu.  That wasn't anyone's favorite.  Seeing the happiest baby in the world become the saddest was hard.  I've never seen a little one so sick, but I'm happy to report that she is all better and back to her smiley self! Praise God in His goodness because I was a wreck worrying about her. 

4 | At the start of January, my mom stayed with us for a few days to help with the kids.  It is always such a gift to have her helping hands and creative mind around.  The house is always full with such joy and silliness whenever she comes!  The kids love playing with her, and I love spending time with my best friend.

5 | Pier and Eulalie began taking a music class once a week in order for us to get out of the house and begin instilling groundwork for future music lessons.  They love it!  Pier especially likes banging on the drums.  We sing songs and do silly dances and the teacher instructs the students in certain tonal patterns and beats.  It's a lot of fun!

6 | Pier and Eulalie love each other (most of the time).  Eulalie's love is unconditional.  Pier's is a bit more unpredictable.  My favorite part of the day is before I put Pier down for his nap...we read books then sing songs as I hold Eulalie and she smiles and giggles at Pier while he's in his crib.  It's so sweet because they love to make each other smile.  

my skincare routine (+how I cleared up my acne)

I've been working on this post since SEPTEMBER and finally pressed the publish button...I love all things skincare and I've been itching to share you my favorite products.  Let me begin by saying please don't be overwhelmed by this list haha! Most of you know I'm all about embracing a minimal lifestyle -- a lifestyle that I have adopted in all areas except in this particular one (and books too if I'm being honest). If you are simply a soap and water kinda girl be thankful and OH how I wish I could be like you! Unfortunately my skin repels anything that is low-maintenance.  


Before we dive in, here's some background on my skin: It's oily in the summer, dry in the winter, and sensitive year round.  It is a magnet for blackheads and white heads, so exfoliating is a priority for me.  If I don't wash my skin every morning and each night I will wake up with all kinds of mountain ranges on my face.  I have struggled with acne since I was 12 (particuarly hormonal).  When I say acne I don't mean the occasional redness or pimple...I'm talking about serious cystic acne that was embarrassing and painful and gross.  I had to go on Acutanne twice and even that didn't help in the long run.

So how did I clear it all up? 

Somewhere down the road I learned what products worked for me and what didn't (and all the things from the drugstore caused my skin to worsen!).  I then invested in products that worked well, took supplements that supported healthy skin, and tried my best to be consistent with them. 

Here's what I've done so far to keep my skin glowing and blemish free:



First up, I remove any makeup with a witchazel toner and my eye makeup with jojoba oil.  Then I cleanse using my clarisonic and nourishing cleanser from Beautycounter. The Clarisonic has been my weapon of choice since college and I love how clean it makes my skin feel after each wash.  I use it morning and night and I absolutely notice a difference in my skin's texture and clarity whenever I use it.  It's important for me to exfoliate regularly because I get clogged pores and white heads easily. 

As for the cleanser...Y'all. Beautycounter lives up to they hype. It has completely changed the texture and tone of my skin and I have sworn my loyalty to these products until the day I die. And if you think that's dramatic then I dare you to try them for yourself. For those who haven't heard of BC, it's a company who is passionate about healthy skin and bans over 1,500 questionable ingredients from their skincare and makeup lines.  This is extremely attractive to someone like me who is passionate about healthy living in all areas of life.

I truly believe that plants heal.  Yet, every time I've attempted to trade in my traditional skincare products for more natural ones, I've been disappointed,  Nothing seemed to work...and a lot of the "natural" stuff even made my skin worsen.  Then, my friend Lisa sent me some BC samples to try and it was game over. My husband (my HUSBAND mind you) even commented on how great my skin looked after I started using them.  

In fact,  I love their mission and products so much that I decided to rep for them (which is huge because I am 1000% an introvert and never ever want to push anything I use on anyone...except Beautycounter :) because it's THAT good and wannnnnna to shout it from the rooftops!)

alright alright Beautycounter tangent over, promise.  Next up, my secret weapon for keeping acne at bay:


I discovered (after a lot of trial and error and dermatologists visits) that I need a combination of salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide to keep acne-causing bacteria far far away.  I don't know where I would be without the Paula's Choice CLEAR line.  It has saved my skin!  I use both the extra strength exfoliating toner and the skin-clearing treatment morning and night.  I found the face wash in this line to be too drying for me, so I prefer using the one from Beautycounter instead. 

To give my skin that extra glow, I use Kiehl's Midnight Recovery oil every night and a vitamin C serum every other night.  I use the Mario Badesco vitamin C serum and I've been really pleased with the results -- a lot of old acne scars have begun to fade and my skin feels super soft the next morning.  If I have a mac-daddy pimple, then I put a little dot of Mario Badesco Spot Treatment and it dries it right up. 

Full disclosure, this doesn't fall into the "natural" skincare category.  But it has been the only thing that has worked for my acne and so I continue to use it for that reason.  If (when?) I discover a natural product that works as well as this does, you will be the first to know!


Finally, I use a moisturize for the morning and night. The acne treatment dries out my skin so it is important not to skip this step!  I have fallen head-over-heels for the BC restorative moisturizers and let me tell you, these products have given me a babies bottom in exchange for a face.  I also use the BC eye cream morning and night to help with my puff pastry under-eyes (#twokids) and to prevent signs of aging.  Once a week I use the a charcoal mask (also from BC...notice a trend here?) and it has been the first mask that not only WORKS but doesn't break me out. Finally, I like using this vitamin E oil for an added moisture boost in the winter months. 

complete list of products:


BC Nourishing Cream Cleanser | use morning and night
witch hazel + rose toner | use to remove makeup
BC eye cream | use morning and night
BC day cream | use each morning
BC night cream | use each night
Paula's Choice Clear Toner | use morning and night
Paula's Choice Clear Treatment | use morning and night
Keihl's Midnight Recovery Oil | use each night
Mario Badesco Vitamin C Oil | use every other night
BC face mask | use 2-3 times a week
Vitamin E Oil | use each morning
Clarisonic Smart Profile | use every other day (usually only use
this if I wore makeup during the day)
Mario Badesco Spot Treatment 




six months with eulalie rose

Nothing like a six month update two days from the seven month mark...better late than never, right?  Technically she is still six months old, so let's go with it and let me update you on what the past six months have looked like with this sweet angel.


And she IS a sweet angel.  Y'all. This baby is literal sunshine.  She smiles 99% of the time, even when she's asleep.  Brad and I often exchange looks with one another in disbelief that this baby is ours -- I didn't know easy going babies like this existed!  Let's just say Pier was a... stoic...child (a very cute stoic child, but still, the hoops we had to go through to get that kid to smile were pretty comical!), so it's a whole new world having a baby who smiles as much as she does.  

Developmentally she's right on track.  She's discovering the world of relationships -- I can leave the room for only a moment and I might as well have left for China...she cries and cries if I'm not within arms reach.  She learned how to sit up by herself and no longer fits in her bassinet or bouncy chair.  That's pretty much broken my heart in a million pieces...My baby is growing quicker than I can handle!  Her favorite thing lately is  taking toys out of baskets.  She loves splashing in the bathtub, playing peek-a-boo and singing songs with mama and daddy.  My favorite thing lately is when she gets excited about a new toy...she furrows her eyebrows to analyze it as her hands awkwardly move up and down in excitement.  It's the cutest.  

She's still not sleeping through the night.  That is probably my fault because I tend to be more in the gentle parenting camp of co-sleeping in my bed at night and baby-wearing for naps.  We're planning on sleep training soon because Eulalie sleeps like this:


So not much sleep is happening for mama.  And there's only so many pots of coffee that can get me through the day, ya feel me. 

Six months with her has been such a redeeming time for me.  I felt as if my time with Pier was robbed because of my anxiety and depression...this time around, I'm enjoying motherhood.  I'm so in love with every coo, gummy grin, and rubber band roll.  My favorite moments are when both my children are in good moods and enjoy interacting with one another.  Eulalie adores her big brother.  Pier may be the serious one, but he can make her laugh more than anyone else in this family.  Sometimes I catch myself taken aback, breathless, with how full my heart is for these two souls.  I am overwhelmed with gratitude and I can't wait to see what the next six months look like with her.