the apple orchard

Yesterday, we went apple picking with some dear friends. (I wanted to end that sentence in this !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! because that's how I really felt about it, but I didn't want to overwhelm you with my excessive exclamatory punctuation usage).

Ok, so I was a tad excited about picking fresh apples off of the trees.  We don't have apple orchards where we're from, so it was very special to share these northern seasonal traditions with Pier.  Our Indiana time has been really sacred to me and I know that I'm going to cherish the memories we made here forever.  I really am going to miss so many aspects of living in the north...and apple orchards are now at the top of that list. 

It was difficult to take a photo with Pier without an apple in his mouth.  He loved it!  He probably started 15 apples that day (note that I didn't say finished).  Actually, Pier has been teething lately and he was crying alllllll morning...luckily he mellowed out once we arrived at the orchard.  And we maybe got one smile? Or two?  I think he had fun? But Brad and I really had a blast.  It was his first weekend off since...forever spending time together as a family was long overdo.  I'm so grateful that he was able to enjoy the day with us! 

Always with a mouth full of apple bites.......He also really enjoyed taking all the apples out of my basket and then putting them back in.  AND GUYS THAT BABY SWEATER I CAN'T HANDLE IT! Baby clothes are just the sweetest am I right? We had a cold front come in over the weekend, so the afternoon was full of crisp fall air.  There's nothing like an Indiana fall.

^ Pier is going through this phase where he thinks it's hilarious to feed mama and daddy his food.  I kept sneaking bites...oops.  They were SO good.  Now I need to find a mind blowing apple pie recipe...

Apple picking is officially one of my favorite ways to welcome autumn. My heart is so full living life with these boys!

Thanks Val pal for the photos and the company. She's got the biggest heart y'all!