third trimester update

Hi friends! I just wanted to take a quick moment to give you a (very scatterbrained) third trimester update from me and little girl.  We're at 35 weeks this week...meaning I have only five-ish weeks left before life gets a whole lot crazier! 

The texts and messages I've been getting to ask how I've been doing have been such a bright spot in my days.  Y'all are seriously the sweetest.  Honestly, the third trimester has been a bit more difficult than I remember it being with Pier.  The main problem this time is lack of sleep -- the insomnia is not messing around this pregnancy!  I probably get 3 hours of sleep a night.  Somehow I'm still able to function and keep up with a certain rambunctious toddler so I'm grateful I haven't been a walking zombie.  But still! Sleep is the greatest thing in life and I hope I can take advantage of getting a full night in every now and then before we enter newborn land.

Crazy heartburn, braxton hicks, and pregnancy mask are also typical for me 3rd trimester symptoms.  This go round I've had not one but two UTI's which is about as fun as it sounds.  If you've never had one before, it's basically when your bladder feels like the pits of Mordor.  So yes, cranberry juice has been my drink of choice as of late. 

(Ok, after reading all of that over I'm realizing that pregnancy updates sound more like complaining updates so how about the good stuff!)

The baby kicks are so strong and getting stronger every day (or in her case, night, because she regularly wakes me up at 2 a.m. with her ballerina moves).  She's a dancing queen I tell you what!  Pier has also been so sweet and constantly asks to "see baby".  And when he wants to see baby he wants to see baby now....which is only difficult when I'm out in public and he tries to lift my dress and then I tell him that's not appropriate and he has a tantrum screaming "SEE BABBBYYYY" and everyone either sympathizes or gives me nasty looks.  Ah, the joys of teaching toddlers social etiquette. I've also crossed the "you have your hands full milestone" of parenthood, meaning that strangers like to tell me daily that I have my hands full with said toddler and gigantic baby bump.  I didn't think I would get comments like that this early on in the parenting game.  Like, what are they going to say when I have my very own Sound of Music dream team of seven?!  

Isn't that photo bomber the cutest!

Ok, I read all the good stuff over again and even the good stuff sounds like complaints. Which is making me laugh because my 3rd trimester has not been that bad, I promise.  I'm actually going to miss being pregnant.  My favorite part is eating all the tacos I want and not worry about having a food baby afterward because there's a real baby to hide it.  I also love having my very own bowl shelf when I eat my ice cream.  It's very convenient. 

I'm trying to think what else would interest you....oh cravings!  Well you may or may not be interested in pregnancy cravings but I'll tell you mine anyway.  Ice cream is forever number 1.  Watermelon and cantaloupe are tied for number 2.  I think I've eaten an entire watermelon in one sitting multiple times this pregnancy.  And my third biggest craving is ice.  Yep.  Maybe it's something about having summer babies (bless you pregnant mamas with June/July/August due dates) but ice is my favorite thing lately.  It's cold and refreshing and the perfect snack (also my doctor husband thinks I'm anemic, but I assure him that this is a very common pregnancy 3rd trimester thing). 

That's all I got.  I apologize for the complete lack of coherency but that's just how my life is looking these days, guys.  Please keep me and baby girl in your prayers!  Sending y'all so much love.