mackinac island | part two

Here's part two of our Mackinac Island trip! (If you missed part one you can see it HERE).  All good things must come to an end.  Yes, even vacations. And I think I will be dreaming about this particular one for years to come.  After exploring Mackinac for the week, it's safe to say it will now hold a spot as one of my favorite family vacations ever.  It wasn't perfect weather, and I wasn't always feeling like myself thanks to third trimester symptoms, but I don't really think that's what I'll remember whenever I look back on our vacation.

I will remember the look of excitement on my sons face when he saw a boat for the first time...I'll remember holding hands with my husband on our anniversary while trying to navigate riding a bike despite a huge baby bump getting in the way...I'll remember the chocolate fudge smeared on my clothes from sticky toddler hands and the sugar rush that comes afterward.  The crystal blue water, the cotton-candy sunsets, and the breathtaking seaside architecture -- that's what I'll remember.  It was a much-needed dreamy week in paradise spent with the people I love most in the world.    


When Brad and I planned this trip out, our goal was to relax.  No tours, no major sight-seeing...just hanging out and spending time together.  We both needed it big time! A few highlights included walking around the famous Grand Hotel grounds, seeing Pier play in the manicured gardens, and taking in the fanciness of it all.  We lucked out with really lovely weather in the evenings (most days it rained all morning long), so we took advantage by spending our afternoons outdoors.  

Another favorite trip takeaway was our eight mile bike ride around Mackinac State Park -- a paved trail that circles you around the entire island.  It was one of my favorite memories of our time together. We went first thing in the morning, so the weather did not corporate with us (cough cough COLD and RAIN), but it didn't matter.  I quickly recognized that Mackinac had a different type of beauty to offer us in its overcast moments.  Halfway through our bike ride we picnicked right along the water and taught Pier how to skip rocks.  He was basically in toddler-heaven.

Despite the frostbite, I couldn't stop smiling the entire morning -- it was Pier's first bike ride and I was loving every second gliding along the coast with my family.  There's something relaxing about seaside towns that I just love.  I immediately daydream I'm in a Jane Austen novel and it makes me giddy.  I also learned that morning that pregnant Emily can't do all the things non-pregnant Emily can do.  By the afternoon, I got super sick from dehydration and we had to miss out on our fancy anniversary dinner! But it all turned alright in the end.  Dr. Brad took excellent care nursing his wife back to health and we had an indoor picnic of cheese, crackers, and fruit for dinner.  Making memories, guys, making memories. 


I have to mention one last thing about Mackinac Island weather.  Every now and then we had an opportunity to go jacket-less, but let's just say it was FREEZING most of the time.  We were absolutely not prepared for the wind, rain, and cold.  Poor little Pier has outgrown all of his winter weather clothes and only has two sweaters from the spring that still fit him.  Thankfully there are gift shops around every corner in Mackinac, so we got him a souvenir fleece-lined wind-breaker that he wore the entire trip.  These photos crack me up though because he wore the same thing basically every day...and we layered his pajamas and other clothes I brought underneath. If you look closely in our pictures you can probably see his pjs sticking out from his pants and it makes me lol.  I quickly learned that lots of wardrobe creativity had to happen for the cold-blooded Fossiers to be able to survive a week in northern Michigan. 

Hey Brad Fossier, when can we go back?! I vote tomorrow.  If Mackinac Island is on your bucket list, don't hesitate to go.  It's 100% worth it.  (And don't forget your jacket!)