it's a girl!

First off, let me express my apologies for being absent on the blog the last month or so.  First trimester is no joke, and finding the time and energy to blog (despite it being something I love), was a challenge.  I have so many ideas and life tidbits I want to share with you but I felt like I needed to respect this time to rest up and take care of myself.  Hoping the sickness and fog is on its way out so I can be consistent in posting updates and fun things in the future! 


Incase you missed my Instagram post yesterday, I wanted to announce publicly on the blog that we're having a LIL GIRL.  I cried when I found out.  Brad couldn't wipe the smile off his face.  We were both in awe of how good the Lord is to us and what a privilege it is to bring this new life into the world.  I have a daughter! Obviously all I care about is a healthy baby, but it is nice to know that I'll have a comrade (besides Gertie) to share in my love for Little Women and Maria Von Trapp and gel manicures and twirly dresses.  I'm beyond excited to meet her.  I'm so full of joy at the prospect of knowing this little person.  She's already such a gift.