toddler gift guide

Raise your hand if you're a last minute gift-giver? Guilty.  Year after year I try to be ahead of the game, but alas, here I am again stuck in the same spot two weeks before Christmas with a shopping list a page long. I also keep reminding myself the purpose of gift giving is to celebrate the One who gave everything to us and it's important to cultivate a spirit of giving throughout the year (especially if you're a parent because those little ones watch your every.single.move).

I know you're most likely sick of gift guides, but I put together one that would be perfect for the toddler in your life.  Here's what I'm eyeing for Pier this year: 

1. WOODEN ROBOT | I love this little guy.  I think Pier will enjoy moving him in different positions.

2. DRAWING BOARD | Pier has been on a big drawing kick lately.  He's fascinated with pens and coloring! I thought this would be a fun, mess free way for him to spark that creativity. 

3. CHARLEY HARPER BOARD BOOKS |  I'm a sucker for good illustrations and it doesn't get better than Charley Harper. 

4. PLAY POTS AND PANS | We don't have a play kitchen yet, but Pier loves all things kitchen related.  Pots, whisks, spatulas -- he can't get enough of them.  I thought it would be fun for him to have his own set. 

5. TEEPEE | How perfect for a little boy who loves to hide and snuggle?  He's such a cuddly kid and I imagine us reading lots of books and having tickle fights galore in that tent.  Plus it's cute enough to transport from room to room! 

6. THE PERFECT BOTTLE | This is something he actually needs.  We have a sippy cup problem in this house, and I think I found the solution to all my cup woes in the form of this bottle.  A nice stocking stuffer idea!

7. MIRROR BLOCKS | Pier has such an engineer mind.  He's into building things and stacking toys, so I thought these were a unique spin to the traditional building blocks. 

8. RIDE ALONG |  A classic Christmas toy.  We don't have one of these and I can imagine him having a blast scooting around the house on it.  

9. COMFY JAMMIES | Jammies are a must for our family...especially in the wintertime when we live in our PJs! I love these: organic cotton, sweet design, and ethically made.  

10. TODDLER CRAYONS | For the little artist in your life. These are made from natural beeswax and are the perfect size for little hands. 


A few little asides about toys:  Santa will only give each child three gifts to mimic the three wise men giving their gifts to Christ.  As a family, we tend to favor toys made from natural resources rather than plastic. Plus, the light up noisy toys heighten my anxiety and I've learned to eliminate as many triggers as possible to alleviate my symptoms.   We also lean toward quality over quantity. If we need to spend a bit more on something that will last year after year, kid after kid, then it's worth it to us. We would rather support local artisans who are making things to support their families rather than big corporate companies so that's something we look at as well. 

One last toy tip: Make an Amazon wish list to share with friends and family.  These have been life savors for those hard-to-shop-for-what-do-I-get-this-person family members.  I also love that I can curate what my kids get so that way we don't end up with excess toys that aren't needed.  I'm all about simplifying! 

I hope this was a bit helpful.  Now hop to your mindful shopping!