month 6

Happy Half Birthday Pier Francis! Yesterday marked his 6 month birthday (he shared it with Jesus King of the Universe no big), and I just have to keep pinching myself because I can't believe we've come this far.  During his newborn days, I couldn't wrap my mind around the fact that I would have a six month old at Christmastime.  Six months seemed so far we would NEVER get there... but now I see how fast each month goes.  I'm trying to soak it all up, savor those sweet baby smiles, and enjoy the snuggles while I can! 

Also, these month-by-month photos are getting harder and harder to orchestrate.  He's a wiggly one.

This was the first month I didn't feel like I was in survival mode all the time.  Mainly because PIER IS SLEEPING NOW!!!! That's right....summon the glitter, confetti, and trumpets because my child is sleeping. The first night of sleep training, he slept five hours straight in his crib.  FIVE HOURS.  I mean, considering we went from 45 minute sleep intervals to five hours basically brought tears to my eyes.  Not only that, he doesn't have to be rocked to sleep anymore for his naps and can be placed down in his crib for that too!

Another giddy surprise is that he sleeps in the car now.  Beforehand he would scream the entire car ride, but now he just falls asleep or plays.  What the whhhatttt!!! Here's photographic evidence of Pier in his crib and proof that he doesn't hate the car seat (that much) anymore:

Speaking of sleep and lack there of...Pier has his first tooth!!! He currently loves Sophie the Giraffe and eating every surface known to man.  Especially mamas face.... I'd like to think he's giving me sweet baby kisses, but let's be real, it's all the same to Mr. Pier.

Little Pier still loves his books and his bath time.  That hasn't changed since day 1!  He takes diva worthy 30 minute baths on a nightly basis because he just loves the water.  That, and he likes to soak after a long hard day.  It's a tough life eating, sleeping, and playing every 90 minutes you know. His favorite bath toy is a lion that squirts water which Pier thinks is HILARIOUS (it used to be a zebra, but we've since graduated to the lion in month 6).  We're also starting to grab the toes and eat them.  It's pretty dang cute.

Mr. Pier also loves music!  He is fascinated by clapping hands and snapping.  We love to listen to music while we play.  One day when I turned off the music he started crying and then he started smiling when I turned it back on!  Also, I should note that he really loves that Adele song.  I mean, who doesn't?

Hello, It's me...

Hello, It's me...

A big milestone was hit and now he can sit up! We're working on perfecting this new skill because he can't sit up for very long, but still HE CAN DO IT I PROMISE.  He has however perfected the graceful fall when he's tired of sitting.  He rolls over all day long, looks up at us all proud of himself like "Did you see what I just did?!"

And because I wanted to show you he can do all these things, Pier and I had a photo shoot one day while we were playing.  So, here ya go:

Goodbye month 6! Hopefully next month will go a bit slower...this mama can't keep up.  We love you so much Pier Francis!