a very fossi christmas (2015)

Merry Christmas from the Fossiers! It's Pier's first Christmas so we wanted to take advantage of all the sweet traditions the season has to offer.  Here's a recap of all the fun Christmas things we've done...

Pier Fossier met Santa Claus for the first time!!!

We began a yearly tradition of cutting down our Christmas tree!  Pier was cranky, but we still had a good time despite the cold and the baby meltdown :).  Here's to makin memories!

Brad and I had a nice date night at our friends the Keinsley's Cookie and Whiskey Christmas party! I baked Kahlua Espresso cookies for the cookie exchange (they were really good).  A few days before the party, Valerie and I bought red lipstick to rock for the holidays...I can't tell you how many youtube vids I watched to try and pull it off, but I think it turned out ok ;)


Downtown Indy is one of my favorite places to frequent here, so last weekend we decided to check out a few holiday activities the city had to offer. The Catholic church downtown has this beautiful Christmas festival called Christkindl Village and we had so much fun walking around seeing all of the sights. They even had a live Nativity with a CAMEL! As you can see, Pier wasn't as excited as his parents were about it....but Brad and I had a good time!

Of course, there was hot chocolate and Christmas tree decoratin, and a cute baby to kiss underneath mistletoe.  We hope the peace of Christ fills your hearts and homes this Christmas season.  Merry Christmas from the Fossiers!