month 7

Hi Month 7!!!!! This month has been so FUN.  Seriously, I've had a blast with the little dude especially now that his personality is coming out more and more.  Also, I should note that he's discovered his tongue and now it is impossible not to take a photo of him with it sticking out.  That boy...

We've had quite the month....a 2 week trip to Louisiana, TWO new teeth, and a newfound reverence of the solid food.  Yep, we've ventured into solid food territory with peas, carrots, sweet potatoes, apples, and bananas! The boy loves to nurse so I wasn't sure how he would take to pureed peas, but so far he's been rockin it. 

^ Those photos happened after his first few bites.  Shock, awe, wonder....every thing a meal should be.  I think he likes it? Although, he does this thing where he sucks his thumb after each bite...I'm thinkin the food is tequila and the thumb is lime and salt?!  I posted a video on the instagram if you wanted to see it in action.

Let me catch y'all up now...

He LOVES Gertie the Cat.  He always giggles when he sees her and when I pet her, he tries to pet her too.  Although, being the Queen that she is, Gertie is more indifferent than ever to Pier's affections.  But I must brag and say that we've had successful pet petting so far and the cat has remained neutral sooo you go baby Pier!

He HATES napping.  But really.  He's giving me such a hard time with the naps I've just given up and accepted the fact that baby sleep will forever be one of life's greatest mysteries. And when he does sleep it's only for 20-30 minutes! As frustrating as it is, he gets in these intense giggle fits every time I walk into his room while he's boycotting the napping process and it pretty much makes my life.  It's pretty hard to be mad when your baby is so stinkin cute. 


Speaking of laughing, the BELLY LAUGHS.  Oh my goodness, they are seriously the best.  Right now, he's loving peek-a-boo and seeing himself in the mirror.   I get the best laughs when I run at him or dance.  He reallyyyyy thinks it's funny when mama does dance cardio in the living room (you probably would too if you witnessed it).


Some of my favorite things he's doing lately:

  • When he's nursing, he will raise his hand high in the air and the slap it on my chest.  It hurts but man it's cute.
  • I call him Mr. Professor because he analyzes all the things.  He's always concentrating hard on his toys or when he's discovering something new.  He furrows his brow and everything too! Again, the cuteness.
  • When there's snow outside, he giggles because it's so bright he can't open his eyes
  • He prefers to play with wipes and burp cloths over toys.  He's gradually warming up to certain toys like balls and things that make noise, but give him a container of wipes and he's good to go. 
  • He's fascinated by different textures and always opens and closes his hand on every surface he can touch

My sweet baby Pier, I will never forget how you light up when I enter the room or the giggles that await me when I pick you up from your "naps".  Thank you for loving me so freely and completely.  I treasure these days with you and I know it will just keep getting better and better and better.