life lately

our july in photos

July was fun!  Our garden took off and is producing a crazy surplus of tomatoes, cucumbers, and basil.  We haven't killed anything yet, so I would call our new hobby a success.  And I'm enjoying eating sun ripened tomatoes straight off the vine (aka CANDY).  

Not sure if you heard the news, but we welcomed a new addition to our family earlier in the month.  Here's the last photo of me pregnant aka me in labor at the front entrance of the hospital (LOLLLL) -- I was having one contraction PER HOUR and at my 40 week appointment my doctor checked me and I was at 7cm.  Isn't that nuts??? I was walking around at 7cm dialted...and was basically in labor for two weeks.  It was wild. 

Anyway, we've since been enjoying getting to know our sweet Eulalie.  I've spent the majority of my days just snuggling her and staring at her and smelling her head.  Approximately ten days ago (but who's counting), I caught the most intense summer cold equipped with coughing, sneezing, fever, and migraines.  And as of this week, I gave it to everyone else in my family.  Except Pier has all those things AND is it's been a party of crazy over here. It's also my first week of solo parenting because my parents left on Sunday.  I'm doing my best to rock this mama of two thing and so far I'm convincing myself that I GOT THIS.  Ole. 




Last but not least, a photo of our family of FOUR, taken at our first outing (church), six days after Eulalie made her entrance.