ethical fashion | outfit 01

Hello friends!  Here's my first outfit post in my ethical fashion series.  I'm just a little excited about these and, from the encouraging feedback I've gotten, it seems like you are too.  Thank y'all for being so kind and playing along.  Talking about clothes will forever be a guilty pleasure of my girly-girl heart!  

Without further ado, here's outfit number one:


Dressing a body postpartum isn't always easy, but I think it helps to put on real clothes and a splash of makeup to help you feel like yourself again.  It's equally important to be gentle on your body and accept your changing shape as it is -- excess weight, cellulite, stretch marks and all.  You just pushed a baby out of your pelvis, remember? I'm doing my best to change my thinking by turning those body image negatives into beauty marks.  God created us to bring a new soul into the world, and that is a remarkable task that should be celebrated.   

This is an outfit that makes me feel beautiful in my postpartum state and it's become a staple in my summer wardrobe. .  My dress is from a newfound favorite, Pyne and Smith.  Each dress is made entirely from linen (my fabric crush!)  and is hand sewn in California. I love it not only because it is beautifully made, but also for its versatility.  What looks like a skirt and shirt is actually a dress worn with a cropped top.  Wearing shirts over dresses is a favorite style secret of mine in order to add variety in a capsule wardrobe.  This dress has a "sisterhood of the traveling pants" quality... I wore it constantly during my pregnancy in the warmer temperatures (still fitting into it in month 9!) AND it has buttons which makes it nursing friendly.  It's also the perfect dress for postpartum because it's not tight, making it comfortable and camouflaging.  Basically it's magic and it's been on repeat over here during the last few weeks!

outfit details:

DRESS | pyne & smith clothiers
TOP | sotelaco
SHOES | born footwear*, ethical alternative here
BAG | madewell*, ethical alternative here

for the sake of transparency, I do incorporate ethically produced clothing with things I already own.  these items are not from an ethical clothing line (denoted by *), but I will always try to find something similar that is ethically produced.