the home stretch

We are entering the last (fingers crossed!) week of pregnancy with our little girl.  Brad snapped a few photos in our front yard to mark 39 weeks. I can't believe my due date is this weekend!  

Honestly, I've been feeling pretty worn down the last few days.  Growing a human in general requires a lot of energy...add the intense insomnia I've been experiencing this trimester...and you get a recipe for one extremely tired mama.  Also migraines, heartburn, a head cold, and false contractions = exhausting.  I'm thankful my own mother is in town because she has been taking care of me so well and forcing me to rest.  I love watching her interact with Pier because she is so creative playing with him.  I don't know what I'm going to do without Grandma Kimmie whenever she goes back to Louisiana.  

I'm definitely at the stage of pregnancy where I am ready to not to be pregnant any more.  I've been keeping your intentions close to my heart during these final days and that's been helping me tremendously. Whenever I want to complain, I remind myself to remain thankful for each kick and ache and pain.  But, I must admit, it is amazing how easily discouragement enters your mind as your due date approaches. Each day is a guessing game.  Each night you lay anxiously wondering if "tonight will be the night".  And yet another day passes without a baby in your arms.  Whenever I feel discouragement creep in, I know it's a red flag that I'm relying on my own strength rather than God's.  He's in control, not me, and my only option is to rest in His peace until He decides it's time for my girl's grand entrance.  Trusting, waiting, and hoping is my recipe for the upcoming days.  Please keep me, Brad, baby, and Pier in your prayers!