life lately


If I had to sum up our June 2017 in one word, it would be eventful.  Here's some of the exciting things that's gone down:

1 | Pier and I went strawberry picking with my friend Clare and her little boy Edward.  I've been attempting to do fun things just me and Pier before the baby arrives, and this one was at the top of the memory-making list.  The boys were so cute playing together and had a blast in the strawberry fields! They ended up being a mess of red stains and it makes me laugh each time I look at the photos from our day.  I totally went a little crazy making strawberry everything once we got home from our adventure. Have you ever had a strawberry straight off the vine?  If not, you must.  I'll just leave it at that.

2 | Brad graduated residency!  We were grateful to even have my in-laws in town for the festivities!  And when I say "graduated" I mean he...sort of graduated.  He technically graduates next year because he's in a combined program.  It's customary for the IM/FM residents to graduate with their family medicine class and be a part of all the ceremonial activities.  The only difference is that he doesn't get his actual graduation certificate until he completes his internal medicine requirements next summer.  I have to brag on him for a minute,  Brad won half of the awards presented at the graduation...2 out of 4 guys...both for excellence in teaching (he's gonna hate this but that's what proud wives do right?!). The behind the scenes of residency requires a lot of sacrifice, hard-work, and self-discipline... I am just in awe of all he has accomplished so far.  

3 |  Pier turned two! I just posted a few tidbits on that yesterday (in case ya missed out you can view it here).  I wanted to make a quick list of my favorite things Pier has been doing lately (skip if you're not interested ha!) Oh and as a side note, I captured this photo to document how big his eyes get whenever he sees's the cutest seeing the look of awe and wonder on his face when an 18-wheeler or school bus passes by.

calls fire trucks "red fire cars"
pats his head when we pray as his version of the sign of the cross
and enthusiastically says "Amen!" after prayer
loves picking mama flowers from the garden
says he's sorry when he does something wrong
pats his stomach and says "Pier's baby"
labels things by saying "here" at the end of it
(ex:)"Pier car here" "Pier truck here" Pier ma here"
favorite toys are books, blocks, and anything with wheels
gives all his stuffed animals hugs and kisses
lines up his toys
loves color coordinating and cleaning
becomes distraught over mess...
(if there is a crumb on his finger or he drops a blueberry, 
you will know about it and he will immediately ask for a towel to clean it up)

4 | I made my first ever batch of beeswax candles.  And it was so fun!  I love the benefits of beeswax and the calming atmosphere that candles give, but because they're so pricey, I hardly buy them in the store.  I was able to make all of these for the price of one candle!  I made a lot of mistakes + they're pretty imperfect, but I'm excited to try it out again.  I used this recipe, but I found this one on pinterest that is an oven version (aka less mess!) that I think I'm going to try next.

5 | MY MAMA IS IN TOWN! She's seriously been spoiling us since she got here.  She has been so selfless taking over Pier duties so I can get some rest in these final days of pregnancy.  I don't know what I would do without her right now.  Pier started a summer program at his school so he's gone for a few hours a week, which leaves mom and I to spend some good mama-daughter quality time.  We've been having way too much fun ;) 

6 | Last but not least, you may have heard that my husband was admitted in the hospital for sepsis this week.  The past few days were filled with lots of worry and fear and I never ever want to experience something like that again.  Spark notes version: Brad had been feeling lightheaded and dizzy for a few days, but when he woke me up in the middle of the night nauseous and running fever I knew it was something serious.  I had never seen him so sick.  Filled with worry, I basically forced him in the car to go to the hospital (he had passed out at home, and self-medicating wasn't working and he was going downhill fast).  Just an FYI, doctors are the worst patients ever.  He kept telling me he was fine and I just kept telling him to stop talking and get in the car.  When we arrived at the hospital, he went from bad to worse.  It's hard for me not to re-live that night because the memories of him being hooked up to wires and monitors and IVs were terrifying to me.  I tried my best to hold it together (but I'm also 39 weeks pregnant and hormonal so that didn't really work out too well).  The good news is that almost immediately after his antibiotics and fluids kicked in he started recovering.  He came home Friday (yay!) and still feels weak, but overall doing much much better.  Praise God.  Hopefully next time we're in the hospital we'll be there for a baby and not for sepsis....

That's a wrap! Fingers crossed the only excitement we'll have will be the birth of our little girl...July is baby month! And we're so ready to welcome the newest member of our family.  I can't wait to meet her and I know that the upcoming weeks are going to be filled with so much joy (and sleep deprivation).  Please continue to pray for a safe delivery and a laid back baby!