life lately

Here's what our April looked like in photos:


A few highlights include: warmer weather, Easter celebrations, Brad and I going on a date, lots of April rain, and Pier learning how to take off his diaper through his clothes (photo pictured below).

...not to mention, a joyous Louisiana reunion with my high-school friends as we celebrated the wedding of one of our own.  

I'm actually just returning from that trip (feel free to give me a virtual high five for flying solo at 7 months pregnant with a very-toddlerly-toddler) and boy am I feeling the travel aftermath today.  SO worth it though. Being a bridesmaid in my childhood besties wedding meant everything to me. The entire week of celebrating was a blur of excitement and joy and FUN.  Seeing Alexis as a bride had me alternating between smiling until my cheeks hurt and crying tears of joy (sometimes sobbing because, pregnancy hormones are a thing).  Like, she was breathlessly stunning.  It was the sweetest day and I was so honored to be a part of it all...I love this girl! 

That's a wrap!  We're sure looking forward to what May has in store...I'm planning on planting my first garden and fingers crossed it will be somewhat successful.  We also planned a week long trip for our anniversary later this month and cannotttt waitttttt.  I think looking forward to the beautiful stuff in life is half the fun of it :).