baby gear wishlist

Let's chat baby gear.  It's a jungle out there in the baby market world.... you blink and there's a new "must-have" on everybody's list!  I am heading into my third trimester this week and it might be time to start thinking about what we want to purchase for the new baby.  I realize we have everything we really need already...this list is basically a day-dream...but it doesn't hurt to do a bit of wishful thinking, right ;)?

(Obviously, I have the cute and non-practical stuff covered already ^)

Pier taught me that a first child is such a learning curve...not only does your baby have preferences, but as a parent, you have preferences too.  I didn't realize how picky I was going to be about baby gear!  Honestly, before you have children all you have to go on is the advice of other parents (and google) so you don't really know what you're getting into until you're all in.  Now that I have established two years under my belt, I've realized what is a "must have" for one family won't necessarily work for ours. And that's ok!  I definitely established what I liked and didn't like with Pier, so that's been helpful in my research with baby number two.

Here are a few things I've been eyeing lately...


THE OLLIE SWADDLE | My firstborn refused the swaddle.  He would use his super-human baby strength to get out of anything and everything.  After hearing rave reviews from other moms, I'm curious to see if this will improve the newborn sleep with baby number two.  

LEATHER CHANGING MAT | I am the worst when it comes to being prepared when we're out and about...and the #1 thing I forget at home?  The diapers, wipes, and diaper pad.  You can imagine the situations I got myself in with that one.  I think keeping this easy to transport, easy to fold, easy to clean mat in my car might help me to get my act together!  Just a side note, I've been super impressed with this company...we have the Gathre picnic mat and I just love the look, durability, and functionality of these products.  

RING SLING | My child needed to be worn 24/ every surface that wasn't me was hot lava to Pier.  Oh yes, it's all coming back to me now... I already own this wrap and this carrier, and I love them both for different reasons and seasons.  I've been dying to try out a ring sling and I know it would be a great addition to my baby wearing collection.

NURSING SCARF | My dear friend Ali made me one of these and I used it non-stop with Pier.  It would be great to have a backup because I know laundry won't be a priority during those first few months.  Backups of your favorite gear are a nice luxury during the newborn phase! 

EASY-CLEAN DIAPER CHANGER | "no covers, no pads, no slipping, and easy cleaning" uhh where do I sign.   This pad is also one of those things that will last year after year, so if you're hoping for lots of babies (like us!) then it might be worth the investment.  I thought it was ridiculous to pay that much for a changing pad...and yet it's probably one of the most highly recommended items by other parents.  Honestly after doing the diaper thing for almost two years, I was not aware that traditional changing pads could cause me such a headache (like when you're already sleep deprived and have to change a poopy diaper cover at 2 thank you). Maybe you didn't have an issue with your changer but it was the most aggravating hassle for me during Pier's first year.  Ok I'm done...sorry this has switched from a blog post about baby gear to a rant about diaper changers...

CO-SLEEPING BABY BED | Ahhh baby sleep. If you knew the trouble I had with Pier you'd understand my desperation about this topic.  We co-slept with him until he was 6 months old (but there was 0% sleep happening) and I think this would have been a life savor for our nap and nighttime woes.  Out of everything on this list, this sleeper is a Fossier must-get for baby number two.

SHEEPSKIN | I thought this was just a design fad, but after the baby-sleeping research I've done, I found that the comfort of a natural sheepskin provides incredible calming benefits to children.  There are even some magical properties in this thing that helps regulate body temperature so your little one stays warm in the winter and cool in the summer.



Was there anything you found helpful with your newborns?  I've just accepted that I will forever be in a "I don't know what I'm doing" phase of parenting and need all the help I can get!  

Here's a friendly PSA: The print from above is from one of my favorite etsy shops, Hatch Prints.  Not only is Katrina talented but she's also one of the sweetest, most genuine mamas on the internet. Be sure to give her shop some love!