easter 2017

Today is a really special day for our family.  After 40 days of fasting and sacrifice, it feels so good to utter alleluia with all the joy and conviction that Christ declared victory over death. For me, Easter is one of those days where my face just hurts from smiling.  My eyes fill with tears singing the Gloria, I hug my family a little tighter, and I pray prayers of praise and thanksgiving for the gift of His resurrection. 

It was a real good day.  I woke up my boys with gooey cinnamon rolls and Brad and I sipped our coffee as we watched Pier examine every surprise in his Easter basket.  After a beautiful liturgy at our parish, we went home and took naps (ha!) and then went out for an afternoon meal at Traders Point Creamery.  We have eaten at this garden-to-table dairy farm every Easter since we moved to Indianapolis and it's a family favorite.  I love it especially during the spring season because they have baby chicks and calves around the property!  Of course, Pier cared very little about all the animals that I was excited to show him, and instead cared very much about the rocks, sticks, and blades of grass surrounding us.  I'm used to it.  

Enjoy a few photos from our day! 

And now I'll leave you with only two photos of our pre/post-mass celebrations...FYI taking pictures with a toddler is probably one of life's most difficult things to do.  I tried to bribe him with jelly beans and it still was a struggle.  I'm sorry, mama just needs a commemorative family Easter photo, ok? I mean, you only bring out the pastels and seersucker suits for one very special Sunday, am I right? BUT WE DID IT...Pier is textbook toddler constant motion so getting a photo with all of us together was basically an Easter miracle.  

I sincerely wish all our loved ones and readers a very happy Easter.  I hope your day was filled with the joy of our resurrected Lord.  He is risen indeed, alleluia!