bradley turns 28!

Happy Birthday Brad!  I wish y'all knew how much I love this man.  He is the most generous, hard working, thoughtful, and faithful person I know.  He sees beyond barriers and greets each person he encounters with patience, kindness, and humility.   He's the type of person who brings his wife flowers "just because" after working for 20+ shift.  He takes care of his family first before even thinking of himself.   I'm privileged to share my life with him and I can tell you for a fact that he is a genuine, virtuous soul.   He still gives me butterflies and makes me laugh harder than anyone else can! 

I'm in awe at how much Brad loves our family.  He is a selfless father who brings constant joy to our household.  Pier loves his daddy so makes me a little emotional watching them play together.  It's such a gift to know that Pier has someone like Brad to look up to as a role model and father.  


Now for the birthday fun!  So, I really love celebrating birthdays for the people I love...I tend to go a bit overboard with all the festivities.  It's the perfect excuse to eat treats and do fun things all week long right?! Right. I made a simple cake and Pier helped me decorate ;)...he loved singing to daddy and helping him blow out the candles! 

Brad has been working a lot lately, so we haven't be able to spend one on one time together.  My mom has been in town the past week which gave us the opportunity to take not one but TWO date nights.  What can I say? We're wild.

We ate here for a sweet dinner last night.  How adorable is this place?!  It's a market/garden/restaurant in the Broad Ripple neighborhood in Indy.  Good conversation over some locally grown (and delicious) food -- there's nothing better.  

Birthday Date #2 consisted of seeing a movie at a DRIVE-IN THEATRE! Did you know those places still exist?  Because I didn't! And when I found out about it I just had to go.  Once you have kids going to the movies is a rarity so we have to make it count you know?  Plus, Brad would rather do a fun activity than enjoy a fancy meal at a restaurant, so that's what we did.  I picked up pizzas and a bottle of wine and left over birthday cake.  Then I set up the back of our car for an optimal movie viewing experience and had a little picnic. 

It rained so hard before we got there, but thankfully it stopped when we arrived.  As the sun was going down, there was the most beautiful rainbow left in the sky.  It was like God wanted to give Brad a present for his birthday :)!  

August is not the best month for movies so our options were limited, but we settled on Pete's Dragon. Honestly I had no desire to see it, but after hearing a segment about it on NPR it peaked my interest.  I won't get into a film analysis or anything, but it was a beautiful movie about family, faith, trust, and innocence.  I think it was a bit theological as well, and I really recommend it if you're looking for a movie to watch at the end of summer.  Also the soundtrack was AMAZING.  

We missed Pier on Brad's birthday dates, but it was so nice to spend some quality time together.  Date nights are for reconnecting, laughing, day dreaming about the future, talking about the latest cute thing Pier is doing.  It was the perfect birthday celebration for my favorite person.  Happy birthday to you Brad the Dad...we love you so! And now I'll leave you with a Fossi Family Birthday selfie.