month 12 | year 1

Well, I've avoided writing this post long enough.  I'm still in denial that he is ONE, but I guess I gotta finish the year strong and knock out this last month-by-month update. Month 12 has been an adventure.  Traveling, teething, ear infections, visitors, milestones -- life is movin fast and keeping us busy.  Pier has learned how to do some pretty fun stuff this month: clapping, pointing, waving, SPEAKING ACTUAL WORDS LIKE A PERSON, and just overall being super cute.  

Some of my favorite things he's up to this month:

  • He's super shy!!! It's really sweet.  When we walk into a new place and someone tells him hi, he immediately puts his head on my shoulder and clams up.  It takes him a while to warm up to new faces and environments.  He's uncertain about anything unfamiliar!
  • Maybe this is because he's been sick the last few weeks, but he is very cuddly right now.  He will play with his toys for a few minutes then crawl over to me, sit in my lap, nuzzle is head on my shoulder, and start sucking his thumb.  After a few minutes of that he'll look up at me, then give me the worlds biggest smile and go right back to playing!
  • He's starting to point at things!  He will point to random objects and then look at us so that we can tell them what they are.  His favorite things to point out: lights, Jesus, the clock in our living room, Gertie the cat, and his ball.
  • He started waving! It's so stinkin cute! He waves backwards, opening and closing his hand toward his face (if that makes sense?).  But he can wave to people on command.  It's the sweetest.
  • We're working on a few words right now: Gertie, ball, clap, and Mama
  • This isn't really a favorite thing, but he has started screaming (LOUDLY) and flailing and kicking when he doesn't get his way.  For example, if I'm not fast enough giving him the next bite of food, or if I won't let him crawl up to the alter during mass, or if I have to move him away from some type of dangerous things he fights me. Big time.
  • He started clapping! And he is so proud of himself!  If I say "YAY!" enthusiastically he starts clapping his hands together and gives me a big grin.
  • Speaking of grins, he's giving us the funniest smiles lately.  I call it his cheesin smiles because he squints his eyes, crinkles his nose, and smiles as big as he can.  They are hilarious! It makes my life!

I think books are his favorite toy.  When I put him down to play, he crawls straight to his book basket.  He flips each page and actually reads to himself!  His voice goes through the sweetest inflections and he points to the pictures on the pages.  He's in heaven when we go to the library! (Or when mama isn't looking and he gets to pull all of her books off the bookshelf)

He's eating a lot more solid food this month too.  His favorite foods right now are sweet potatoes, bananas, blueberries, raspberries, eggs, guacamole, bread, olives, and sliced turkey.  He also obsesses over Whole Foods as much as his mama does :).  Oops.

How are we doing on sleep?  Wellll it's hit or miss this month.  Sometimes he sleeps through the night, sometimes he doesn't.  He's been doing this really fun thing lately where he wakes up ready for the day at 4:30 and won't go back to sleep.  He's still taking two hour and a half naps a day, but he must have perfect sleeping conditions (black out curtains, white noise, sleepsack) or he won't sleep at all.  He doesn't even sleep in his car seat!

Andddd it's officially summer in Indiana! You bet I LOVE IT!  The weather during the warm months here is simply lovely.  You can actually go outside! And not die! This week it was in the 60s and 70s and that is simply unheard of during a Louisiana June.  We've been spending as much time outdoors as we are able...farmer's markets, picnics, park visits, long walks.  I try to take advantage of it while we can (because...winter..).

Another favorite outdoor activity: SWIMMING!  Except they were out of baby pools everywhere (literally), so I had to settle for a drink bucket.  Pier or wouldn't even know the difference ;).

I feel like a repeat myself every month, but I just can't help but think that each new stage is my favorite....and then the next month comes and it's even MORE fun.  He is full of surprises, and brings me so much joy.  I hope you've enjoyed all of his monthly updates over the past year!  I've loved looking back on past month-by-month posts and seen how far we've come and how much he's grown.  But I this isn't the last Pier update, so stay tuned for more in the months to come.