new orleans getaway

Remember those glorious days when you could just drop everything and go on a date with your husband whenever you felt like it was needed?  Once you become a parent//living 13 hour away from your favorite free baby sitters (cough cough grandparents) those little moments are few....actually non existent.  We decided to sneak off for a weekend getaway without Pier.  It's actually our first time ever leaving him overnight, and honestly, we needed it!  Brad and I have both been under a bit of stress lately and I thought it would be the perfect excuse to surprise my hard working hubby with a hotel stay sans our child.  

We were actually in town for our dear friends Katie and Jerome's wedding...and the beauty did not dissapoint.  The joy on that girls face will remain with me forever.  They are such a holy, virtuous couple and they both deserve all the happiness in the world.  I'm so excited that we got to be a part of their day!  

Brad and I stayed at the Ace Hotel, which is a walk away from the church were the wedding was held.  It was fabulous.  The cocktails and the food were top, the decor was insane.  I could have looked around for hours just in the lobby.  

Our little getaway was such a nice reminder to constantly date your spouse.  Our marriage is such a big gift and I'm beyond grateful that I get to do life with this handsome man.