backyard campout

In true Fossier Family tradition, we like to find special ways to celebrate our favorite days of the year.  Last night we had a little backyard campout to honor the feast of all saints.  It was a super sweet evening, although it didn't really go as planned ;).  I set up a tent and bought hot dogs and s'mores to roast over an open fire...but our fire pit broke on us, so we had to move dinner inside.  It was also pushing 80 degrees yesterday (what????) and the mosquitos were out so our backyard campout didn't last very long.  But we had so much fun anyway!  Pier loved to play in the tent with mama and daddy.  He was in awe of it all.  In fact, he was so happy in that tent that I made Brad keep it set up so we can play in it together later today.  Happy All Saints Day!

IMG_8228 (1).JPG