month 4

Oh October....Pier turned four months old last week and he is starting to get SO fun.  I mean, he was fun since day 1, but discovering his personality and his new milestones has been such a blast for us.  He's starting to giggle, and become more and more playful.  Even when I don't get any sleep, I know when I wake up the biggest baby smile is there to greet me (he loves the mornings!).

A few things this month that we're noticing...

We discovered the power of the Ergo baby carrier while we were in Asheville and that thing is the bomb.  Seriously saves us during nap time when he is mega fussy and nothing else will work! It's pretty hilarious though because Mr. Pier is very particular and must be bounced constantly or else he will wake up. No sitting down for us because apparently sitting down is for wimps. Another fun fact: in order for him to actually fall asleep I must prance around the house like this (wish I was joking). 

Mr. Pier is not only particular about his sleeping, he's particular about pretty much everything else.  And if things are not to his liking Mr. Pier turns into Angry Pier real quick.  We discovered that our child lives for the song Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.  So much so that even when he is at his breaking point, if we sing it loud enough he will calm down completely.  No other song will do.  Except for the fact that Twinkle Twinkle constantly replays in my brain all day (and night) long, I will be forever in Mozart's debt for that one.

He's got a best friend named Xavier and they love each other.  My friend Val (yes I have friends here it's a wonderful, beautiful thing!) had her baby boy last month, so Pier is only 3 months older than him! The boys even spent their first Halloween together (Pier dressed up as Baylen Brees if you didn't see already). It's been such a gift to have them in our life here in Indy and I just can't wait to watch them grow up together :).

Also, the only thing cuter than a cute baby is TWO cute babies in matching oneseis. I mean....

A few more exciting things....

  • He's learning how to sit up in his big boy chair (that's my name for it) and has excellent head control. 
  • Loves to grab things and bring them immediately to his mouth. Yay for monthly milestones!
  • Lately enjoys hitting mama in the face and trying to grab her nose so he can eat it.
  • SOOOO active...even when he sleeps he uses me as a human StairMaster. Never tires of jerking those arms and legs around.
  • The hands are currently his favorite toy and loves reaching out to discover new things. I'm just waiting for the day that he grabs Gertie's tail...oy.

Oh and y'all...something profound happened a few weeks ago... he actually started taking the pacifier!!! This is huge because for those that don't know, Pier basically uses me as a human pacifier. As much as I love nursing him, this girl could use a break every now and then :).  He also discovered his thumb!!!! This is especially joyous for me because I think babies who suck their thumbs are the most adorable things ever.  Even though he's only done this probably two times, it's been so dang cute to witness.

That's all I got right now! In all seriousness we are still not sleeping hardly at all, so y'all keep us in your prayers.