We got back from our North Carolina vacation a few days ago and boy was it good for the soul! Brad's good friend from LSU got married last weekend, so we were in Asheville for his wedding festivities and decided to make a week long trip of it.  We were pumped to discover Asheville is only a 7 hour drive from Indy and thus commenced baby Pier's first road trip (!).

We were going to break up the travel into two days and stay our first night at a hotel, but minutes before we left I looked at Brad and said, "Why don't we just go camping for a night?! Is that crazy for wanting to camp with a 3 month old?" Apparently Dr. Brad did not think it was crazy to camp with a 3 month old because we ended up camping in the middle of nowhere, Kentucky under some lovely fall trees.  And thus commenced baby Pier's first camping trip (!). 

^ The look of awe and wonder that is camping in the outdoors

^ The look of awe and wonder that is camping in the outdoors

And it ended up being a fantastic adventure! Camping with a baby wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be (yes, we barely slept, but really we don't sleep anyway so it's not that big of a difference).  The weather was perfect when we set up camp, so we made an executive decision to sleep without the rain cover on our tent so we could star gaze.  Ahhhh peaceful isn't it?  It was until about 3:00 in the morning...Brad looked over at me and said sleepily, "That's rain isn't it..." and I said cheerfully, "Yep." And then the heavens opened and the rain showed us no mercy as my poor husband got out and tried to put the raincover back on as quickly as possible. Don't worry, baby Pier slept through the whole ordeal (of course). 

The next day we got to Asheville for Davis and Anna's rehearsal dinner and man did those Blue Ridge Mountains look good! It was so so good visiting with friends that we haven't seen in was like a glorious Louisiana reunion in the mountains!

Thank you Mr. Adam for babysitting!!

Thank you Mr. Adam for babysitting!!

We stayed in a house close to downtown with our friends Matt and Ali and Father Brad.  The benefits of having a BFF priest is that you get to do things like have mass in your living room #yesplz.

We had so much fun at the Hester wedding that I didn't take any pictures (that and my phone died ha!). We got him these headphones for the reception to protect his ears and to basically enhance his cuteness.  Seriously y'all aren't those headphones the cutest things EVER in the history of cute things?! Cute baby + obnoxious headphones = GOLD.  Thank you Ali for snapping this one for us ;)

The day we left Asheville we ate a yummy breakfast at the beautiful Hester home and got to say goodbye to all of our friends.  Fr. Brad ended up missing his flight (yay!) so we got to spend some extra time with him!

Now for part 2 of our vacation...we rented a cabin in the mountains with the Rodriguez's for a few days and did nothing but stuff like this:

photo 2asheville8.JPG
photo 3asheville9.JPG

This was the view from our window guys....NOT BAD

We also rocked the occasional selfie...which Brad and I are awesome at.

My favorite part of the whole trip was our family hike! It was just a little trail in the Blue Ridge Parkway but it was so relaxing and peaceful for the 3 of us.  Pier loved looking around on the way up, and once we made it to the top, he fell right asleep and didn't wake up until we got back to the car.

I'm already planning our next trip back... Miss you already North Carolina!!!!