six months with eulalie rose

Nothing like a six month update two days from the seven month mark...better late than never, right?  Technically she is still six months old, so let's go with it and let me update you on what the past six months have looked like with this sweet angel.


And she IS a sweet angel.  Y'all. This baby is literal sunshine.  She smiles 99% of the time, even when she's asleep.  Brad and I often exchange looks with one another in disbelief that this baby is ours -- I didn't know easy going babies like this existed!  Let's just say Pier was a... stoic...child (a very cute stoic child, but still, the hoops we had to go through to get that kid to smile were pretty comical!), so it's a whole new world having a baby who smiles as much as she does.  

Developmentally she's right on track.  She's discovering the world of relationships -- I can leave the room for only a moment and I might as well have left for China...she cries and cries if I'm not within arms reach.  She learned how to sit up by herself and no longer fits in her bassinet or bouncy chair.  That's pretty much broken my heart in a million pieces...My baby is growing quicker than I can handle!  Her favorite thing lately is  taking toys out of baskets.  She loves splashing in the bathtub, playing peek-a-boo and singing songs with mama and daddy.  My favorite thing lately is when she gets excited about a new toy...she furrows her eyebrows to analyze it as her hands awkwardly move up and down in excitement.  It's the cutest.  

She's still not sleeping through the night.  That is probably my fault because I tend to be more in the gentle parenting camp of co-sleeping in my bed at night and baby-wearing for naps.  We're planning on sleep training soon because Eulalie sleeps like this:


So not much sleep is happening for mama.  And there's only so many pots of coffee that can get me through the day, ya feel me. 

Six months with her has been such a redeeming time for me.  I felt as if my time with Pier was robbed because of my anxiety and depression...this time around, I'm enjoying motherhood.  I'm so in love with every coo, gummy grin, and rubber band roll.  My favorite moments are when both my children are in good moods and enjoy interacting with one another.  Eulalie adores her big brother.  Pier may be the serious one, but he can make her laugh more than anyone else in this family.  Sometimes I catch myself taken aback, breathless, with how full my heart is for these two souls.  I am overwhelmed with gratitude and I can't wait to see what the next six months look like with her.