life lately



1 | Eulalie loves the snow, Pier does not ^.  Lots of snow days means that Eulalie got to experience her first snowfall and I dressed her up in the same winter suit Pier used when he was a baby.  It's been either gloomy cold rain or slushy snow lately, leaving us with lots of days spent indoors.  We are going a bit stir crazy in the Fossier house -- either fighting off illnesses or battling with inclement weather and trying our best to combat cabin fever.  As someone who loves the outdoors, I do my best to make it enticing to get outside even when the weather doesn't cooperate.  However, a certain two year old doesn't like to get messy in the rain or snow so my efforts are usually a bust.  We do lots of art projects and build cities and watch movies...hopefully the sun will be shining too because we are ready for Spring!  February may be the shortest month of the year but it FOR SURE feels like the longest.

2 |  Speaking of illnesses, this month marked my first time getting mastitis.  It wasn't my favorite. 

3 | Also speaking of illnesses, Eulalie got the flu.  That wasn't anyone's favorite.  Seeing the happiest baby in the world become the saddest was hard.  I've never seen a little one so sick, but I'm happy to report that she is all better and back to her smiley self! Praise God in His goodness because I was a wreck worrying about her. 

4 | At the start of January, my mom stayed with us for a few days to help with the kids.  It is always such a gift to have her helping hands and creative mind around.  The house is always full with such joy and silliness whenever she comes!  The kids love playing with her, and I love spending time with my best friend.

5 | Pier and Eulalie began taking a music class once a week in order for us to get out of the house and begin instilling groundwork for future music lessons.  They love it!  Pier especially likes banging on the drums.  We sing songs and do silly dances and the teacher instructs the students in certain tonal patterns and beats.  It's a lot of fun!

6 | Pier and Eulalie love each other (most of the time).  Eulalie's love is unconditional.  Pier's is a bit more unpredictable.  My favorite part of the day is before I put Pier down for his nap...we read books then sing songs as I hold Eulalie and she smiles and giggles at Pier while he's in his crib.  It's so sweet because they love to make each other smile.