the next chapter

I was getting all sentimental and looking through old photos from our honeymoon in Italy, just starring at these two kids for a long time -- I don't think either of us knew the grand adventure that awaited us just a week later when we packed up the U-Haul and drove across the country to start our newlywed life in Indianapolis.  


Almost four years ago we were pulling up into the driveway into our rental house.  It was the first time I had even been to Indianapolis!  A new city.  A new job.  No friends.  No family. A cat. And then, a few months later, we would find out about Pier's existence and forever be changed.  

I share all these memories with you because, as most of you know already, we are ending our time in the Midwest as Bradley wraps up his final months in residency.  I'm happy to finally share that he has signed a contract and we are officially moving to St. Francisville, Louisiana.  Population two thousand.  Yep, this city girl is moving out to the country!  And I can't wait to live out my Laura Ingalls dreams from childhood (I want lots of land to start homesteading of course ;)). 

Brad will be working for the newly renovated hospital in his own Internal Medicine/Family Medicine clinic.  He will have regular consistent hours, a four-day work week, and most of all, will be happy doing exactly what he wants to do.  It has been such a long (longgggg) road for him and to see his dreams come to life makes me very proud to be by his side.  We started dating his first year of medical school, so I've watched his medical career from the very beginning. It has been a privilege to watch my husband learn, grow, and tackle challenges with such courage and grace.  It wasn't easy.  There were many hidden sacrifices, but in his selflessness and humility, he never made a big deal about any of it.  He is a cheerful giver who is willing to go the extra mile to provide for his family and make my dreams come true, too.  

Anyway, I just thought I'd share an update here so you can know what we will be up to over the upcoming months.  He begins his job in August, but we will likely make the cross-country move at the end of June.  Over the Christmas holidays we rented a house directly next to the Catholic in town and can't wait to start making it a home.  Eventually, our plan is to purchase a few acres of land and build our forever home on it. But until then, I will be content living in our sweet little rental for as long as we need to make that happen.

Thank you for all of your prayers and support for our family.  We feel so loved and so blessed.  Praise God from whom all blessings flow.