ethical fashion | outfit o3

I'm writing today with the windows open and a candle lit and a sleeping baby on my chest.  Moments like this are becoming rarer and rarer these days, but that makes them all the more precious whenever they do happen.  Being a mama of two is no joke and I'm quickly figuring out that blogging won't happen as often as I'd like (because my kids will always come before this blog, as I'm sure you understand!).  I will try to be better about carving out writing time because I so enjoy stretching my creativity and sharing my days with you.

Speaking of which, I have some new fashion posts in the works.  I love doing these but they do take some extra thought to work out...probably because I am either in PJs or exercise clothes 99% of the time.  That, and my photographer hubby needs to have some off days which doesn't happen too often ;). 


Today's outfit gets me excited for fall.  It's effortlessly comfortable and perfect for transitional fall weather (just throw on a jacket or sweater and you're good to go!).  If you read my capsule wardrobe tips you might remember that I recommend having a cohesive color palette to pick from.  My wardrobe colors, for example, usually consists of blue, green, and neutral hues.  This skirt is one of the few warmer toned things in my closet, but that's why I love it so much.  It's a statement -- which I think every closet needs.  My orange skirt goes well with any neutral top in my wardrobe (making it versatile) but it's also unique enough to make an otherwise boring outfit a bit more fun.  As much as I love neutral basics, I can't help but gravitate toward color every now and then!  This colorful patterned skirt simply makes me happy each time I wear it.    

outfit details:

SHIRT | everlane
SKIRT | ace & jig, secondhand
SHOES | nisolo
EARRINGS | alexis russell