life lately

Here's what our March looked like in photos:

We have been going STIR CRAYZY in this house due to the insane snow and cold fronts coming through Indiana.  I think there were probably 2 days total that we could actually play outside.  BUT the flowers in my yard are playing peek-a-boo and we're waking up to lots of chirping birds so it's not too long now. C'monnnn spring, we're ready for you! 

Pier has been increasing his word count and talks non-stop (even though 90% of it is still babbling).  It is currently my favorite age ever -- still cuddly, still givin those open-mouth kisses like he'll forever be my baby -- but he's growing up quicker than I can document.  He loves saying "night-night" and waving goodbye every time he leaves the room.  He blows kisses to Jesus on the cross and gives hugs to his stuffed animals.  He started DANCING and spinning around in circles with the biggest smile on his face. This boy loves to clean. His favorite thing is to help me sweep and makes me sweep the entire house multiple times a day (much to the delight of my floors...and my house has never been so clean, ha!).  A true music lover, he always wants daddy to play the "-tar" so he can dance.  He can out chase mama and daddy and will count down "1...2...3...GO!" before he starts to run.  Quite simply, Pier is a delight to be around.  And let's not forget he's got the most delicious basketball belly in the history of toddler tummies. 

^ I'm so proud of that last photo because it was my first ever attempt at making zeppole san giuseppe.  I am .000000% Italian, but I have a big appreciate for Italian food and thought it would be fun to make a traditional pastry for St. Joseph's day (a big day in Italy!).  They were yummmm, guys. Yum.

We've been doing some serious spring cleaning in the Fossier household and spent an entire weekend clearing out our spare bedroom for baby fossi number two.  Of course, as someone who thinks organizing is more fun than a normal person probably should, I love this season of purging and rearranging.  There were about 10 bags of excess stuff donated to Goodwill and it feels ohhhh so good.  We're slowly making Pier's room less nursery and more toddler-friendly, and I am busy daydreaming about all the little girl things we get to decorate with in the baby room.  Why are little baby things so irresistible?  Specifically, girl baby things?  I have an Amazon Wish List 10 pages long (not really, but it could easily be that long) of all things GIRL.

Lastly, we've been in a funk this week in particular because Mr. Pier is sick!!! Poor little love.  Fever, runny nose, coughing, and lots of cuddles are happening around here. This guy has only been truly sick maybe once or twice before, so it always throws us off whenever a virus enters our home.  Say a quick prayer for Pier if you think about it!  Sick babies are always the most heartbreaking, but I know I'm always amazed at how quickly they bounce back.

Enjoy the remainder of your month!  
...and if you are getting spring temps right now send them my way please ;)