louisiana trip recap

We've been back from our Louisiana trip for about a week now, and I just thought it would be nice to share some of the photos from our time home.  We had an amazing relaxing week filled to the brim with good conversations with our friends and family, lots of food (it's king cake season down there...always a good idea to plan a vacation around king cake season), and glorious warm weather.  Brad originally scheduled it as a solo trip so that he can have time interviewing for prospective jobs, but I made him take me with me because I just couldn't handle the cold any longer. Guys.... it's currently snowing here (even though it's almost March)... my lil southern heart is aching for some spring temps. 

We had to leave for our flight at 4 a.m. so little bub was exhausted our entire flight ^^^ But we made it out alive, it's all good!  And incase you didn't know already, flying with kids = purgation.

Baton Rouge welcomed us with some delightful spring weather and even more delightful spring flowers.  I don't know if you know this about me but I'm obsessed with flowers.  I get straight up giddy when spring comes around and the pinks, yellows, and purples start to pop out of the ground.  These camellias in my parents yard?  I didn't know they were there and I think I actually jumped out of pure excitement when I saw them! Pier was with me but he wasn't as excited about seeing flowers as his mama was (I've accepted this).

Both our families are beyond generous whenever we come into town.  My in-laws showered us with king cake and valentines day treats (and let us + a very active toddler live at their house for a week!). My parents took Brad and I out for a double date on Valentines day, which was such a treat for us because we hardly eat out. Pier especially loved spending time with his grandparents, hanging out in my dad's wrangler, going on walks to the park, stealing mamas blueberries, and feeding the ducks at my parents house (he's way braver than I am....I'm terrified of birds...).

I'll be back in April for my best friends wedding, and I'm already counting down.  I love this state, but more importantly, the people in it. And before I forget....Happy Mardi Gras week y'all! It's the most wonderful time of the year ;)