learning something new

Sometimes, you just got to get out of your comfort zone and learn something new.  I had been wanting to learn calligraphy for YEARS, but for some reason I just never got around to learning. I was too busy, or too stressed, or too scared to pick up another hobby (excuses, excuses.)  But then I heard that one of my favorite calligraphers was coming to Indy and offering a beginners class in modern calligraphy.  My heart jumped at the chance to learn from the best!  I signed up immediately, texted my bestie Valerie because I knew she'd been wanting to learn too, and counted down the days until the day of our class.  Honestly, I had a long and difficult summer battling severe depression//anxiety, so I knew a girls night learning a new skill was exactly what I needed to help me feel like myself again.  

The class took place in the Fountain Square neighborhood in Indianapolis.  That area has such a fun, historic, and vibrant atmosphere.  Val and I ate dinner beforehand and also got margaritas, so that may explain why I'm so giggly in the pictures :).  Then we headed on over to New Day Craft (a cider and MEAD bar) to learn our stuff!  Not only was it my first time attempting calligraphy, it was also my first time trying mead.  I felt like I stepped out of Beowulf and it tasted (surprisingly) delicious.  

Ok so maybe I was a littleeeee excited to have a baby-free evening to myself with my bestie? Plus the excitement of learning something I've always wanted do to made me simply giddy.  Val + I agreed that felt like Christmas morning.  It doesn't hurt that I was pretending I was in a Jane Austen novel the entire night.  So basically I was in heaven.  Tasty alcohol + Jane Austen vibes + good fellowship...what more could a girl need?

Our teacher was the ever-gifted + mega babe Erica Tighe of Be a Heart Design.  She does a lot of art for the Blessed is She ministry, and I have been drooling over her work since I stumbled upon it.  What a sweetheart! And a great teacher.  We were all just in awe of her and her talent. 

Ahhhhh such an amazing evening.  A girls night is oh so good for the soul!  I wanna relive it over and over again and I couldn't wipe the smile off my face when I got home.  Can you imagine people used to write like this?  I'm grateful that calligraphy is becoming so popular because I think we need to treasure this craft.  I can't wait to start practicing!