month 10

Oh man this month has been fun.  Pier is starting to showcase a BIG personality and I'm so enjoying watching it develop.  He is sweet (yet feisty), smiley (yet serious), and curious about everything (yet indifferent about everything too).  I can't quite figure him out!  But I'm loving getting to know who he is. 

Month 10 has been an eventful one.  Pier got his 3rd tooth, we traveled to St. Louis, and he's starting to get really good at crawling.  He is babbling a lot more, which is really entertaining because I can tell he wants to talk to us!

Also, mama really digs matching outfits. 


Sleep & Food update: HE IS SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT! Like it's a consistent thing that happens in my life!!!! It is a miracle that I never thought we'd reach.  He goes to sleep at around 7 and wakes up at 6:30 every day.  It is a relief to have some normalcy back in our lives and be on a loose routine each day.

As for his eating, he is a CHAMP.  He eats anything I put in front of him, and already has been exposed to a diverse range of healthy food.  I don't really have set meal times for him to eat solid food...he is still crazy about nursing and is happiest whenever I nurse him every 2 hours.  I will say he LIVES for puffs. If he's upset all I have to do is feed him a puff and it distracts him long enough that he forgets what he was angry about.

Pier gravitates towards anything that makes sound.  We have a little piano that he got for Christmas and from day 1 he has gotten such joy from banging on those keys.  Now he can crawl right up to it and play to his hearts content.  He is fascinated by rattles, banging his hands on the table when he eats, and hitting blocks together to make sounds.  He's also doing this thing where he lifts the toys straight up in the air to examine funny.

Ok, this little monkey is a MOVER.  He is constantly kicking (and he's given me a few cuts and bruises).  He is now a professional crawler -- he tries to crawl on me while he plays with his toys AND while he nurses (which as you can imagine is fun for me).  Pier gives me heart attacks every 5 minutes because he's pulling up on anything and everything.  His favorite place in the whole house is my prayer corner... If anyone is wondering, I am now taking donations for the Prayer Corner Disaster Relief Fund.  Hurricane Pier won't stop fo' nobody.


^easiest form of Evangelization ever??!

It's finally warming up around here, so that means we get to spend time outdoors with our Indy Besties!!! We love hanging out with Val and Xavier!

AND we get to go on afternoon walks (some days) when daddy gets home from work!  He's now big enough for the swings at the park and we get the biggest Pier smiles when he's up in the air.  It is so cute.

Pier Francis we are so in love with you.  I can't believe you're going to be one in a few short months...Watching you grow has been the biggest gift and I can't wait to see you become who the Lord is calling you to be!