month 9

9 MONTHS!!!!! My little man is 9 months old today!  Look at that blonde hair! Those rubber band wrists! The squishy tummy!  I could eat him up. It's been a crayyyzay few weeks, so let's begin....

First off, we survived his first illness! It was just a cold and a double ear infection, but it was enough sicky-ness to put us out of commission for a solid two weeks.  Let's just say it was a lot of this: 

And he absolutely refused to take his antibiotics until I figured out I could sneakily mix it in his food (first time mom remember) so our evenings looked a lot like this:

Crazy sicky psycho child of mine.

Because he was sick half the month, I'm a little limited on the number of cute smiley photos but here's an update anyway for those missing this little monkey!

IMG_1374 (1).jpg

Well maybe I got more smiley photos than I thought ha!

Pier is pretty much obsessed with our cat.  He giggles every time she comes next to him!  It's the sweetest thing.  I thinkkkk Gertie actually is warming up to him because she tries to snuggle despite his fumble attempts to eat her tail.  She sneaks into his room when I'm not looking, and she jumps in his crib when I come get him from his naps!  The best of buds these two...

I think we have a crawler now!  I say "think" because I'm not entirely certain how he gets from one end of the room to another....He's not rocking or getting up on his hands, but for some strange reason lifts up one side of his body (kinda like a whale) and rolls a bit until he's where he wants to be.  In typical boy fashion, he has decided that I can no longer hold him because it's much more fun to play on the ground and show off new tricks.  He can pull up on things and stand up!  Look how proud he is :)


His new talent is dumping the toy basket out and not being satisfied with ANY of it.  He's literally the most challenging kid to entertain because he gets bored within seconds (not exaggerating).  He whimpers and grunts and refuses to play with the toys we do have.  Not even the wipes work anymore!

He's definitely developing his own personality...

A few things I want to remember about this month:

  • He wants to read books!  When I read to him, he tries to talk with me and looks up at me like we are having a literary discussion about the text.  His favorite is the Baby Lit Pride & Prejudice...Really.  Did I mention I love this boy?!
  • He could be fussy and angry one second and then if you start singing itsy bitsy spider he'll give you the biggest smile.  I don't understand, but it works (sometimes)!
  • He must sit in my lap to play.  I have to be within arms reach or he will freak out.  When I leave the room he starts to cry, even if he's playing with Brad! 
  • He smiles at Pope Francis...he's been doing this for a while now and it's impossible to get on video but I don't want to forget it.  There's this large Pope Francis photo in our church and when we walk by it he just BEAMS and giggles at Papa!  Sweet innocence.

Well that's all I have this month! Glad we survived you Month 9 ;)  Oh and we're ready for spring. Not sure how much cold weather this boy can take, ya know?