month 8

As of yesterday, I have an 8 MONTH OLD! Since when did that happen?  He's my best bud and can make me laugh like no one else can!  These days are going by fast, and I keep reminding myself to cherish each milestone and change.  Sometimes when I'm nursing him before I put him down for the night, I catch myself tearing up just staring at this sweet baby.  I am in awe of how the Lord loves me...especially knowing that He created this little person for Brad and I to help form for His kingdom.  What a gift!

He's been so snugly this month and I'm not complaining!  We'll just sit on the couch and he will grab my face and give me love bites (he thinks they're kisses) all afternoon.  He's starting to get to the point where if I'm not in view he will begin to fuss.  He's definitely a mamas boy.


He's starting to do this thing where his arms swim in the air when he's in distress.  Even if he's not talking yet, he definitely makes it known to us when he doesn't like something. It's like a squid or something and it's hilarious to watch!  Kinda hard to explain but, trust me, it's funny.

Pier also has a really intense head whip -- when you're holding him, he just cannot sit still and is constantly whipping his head back and forth all Willow Smith like.  You have to be careful because I've been in the line of fire once or twice and that head bumping is painful.


Grocery shopping is getting a little easier now that he can confidently sit in the cart.  The only thing I need to be careful of is my grocery list because if I'm not paying attention he will grab that thing and chew it to oblivion.  Then half my list is gone//bled all over and I can't read a thing.  What's that word right there... bell peppers? neon shoe tires? I'm going to go with bell peppers just to be safe.

Another weird thing -- he loves eating wipes.  Really, Pier??

Oh and we celebrated Pier's first Valentine's Day in style!  To him, it was just another day, but mama had fun! Growing up, my mom always made sure we had a sweet Valentine's Day and I definitely want to do that with my own kids, but he's still too young to do anything too celebratory right now.

In case you were wondering, he's still not sleeping through the night.  Even on a good night that boy still wakes up once or twice.  Lately he's been going through a growth spurt so the sleeping situation is pretty shaky.


Luckily, we have the cavalry in town! My mom and mother-in-law are visiting for the week and it's such a joy to see them with Pier.  They are spoiling us rotten and we are getting to spend some nice quality time together.  Indiana even graced us with a 70 degree weather day last weekend, so I got to show them around town and Pier got to go for a nice walk outdoors! 

Pier Francis we are loving these days with you!  I'm discovering that each month is bittersweet... I can't wait to watch you grow up, but at the same time, want you to stay as my sweet baby Pier forever.  That being said, bring it on, month 9!