month 1

Here's to ONE MONTH with Pier Francis!!!!

First, let me apologize for being lazy in the baby-update department.  This baby sure loves to eat and I haven't quite figured out how to breastfeed and type with two hands at the same time... I'm getting better at it though, so from here on out no more excuses. And sorry if you feel like you're scrolling for forever on this one, but I have lots to update you on! 

Brad and I have loved getting to know this lil dude.  This past month has been the most joyful, exhausting, emotional, and challenging month of my life and we wouldn't have it any other way :)

Now here are a few things we're learning about Mr. Pier...

he loves food (like his mama)

I call him Very Hungry Cater-Pier because I'm pretty sure this baby could win a food eating competition in the infant division.  The only time he cries is when he's hungry (which I can totally relate to because the struggle is real when ya need food and ya need it now).

he's curious

Doesn't Pier do an awesome blue steel?! He's pretty unsure what to think about that pacifier, but I just can't handle how cute he is when he's using it! 

I've noticed that Pier is a very alert baby.  He's always checking out his surroundings and is very aware of different noises and movement.  And those blue eyes of his? They make mama weak in the knees.

he's already bff with gertie the cat

Like we even needed to question that... I mean come on now.

he's always up for an adventure

photo 4(2).JPG

 We are an active family, and Brad and I agreed that our kids wouldn't slow us down.  Pier tags along with us like a champ in anything his parents want to do!

Here we are walking along the Canal downtown when Annie and Papa were in Indy visiting us.  Just like his namesake, baby Pier loves to be outside .  If he's fussy all we have to do is bring him out to play in the backyard or on a walk and he's instantly calmed. 

And we had a blast spending a weekend outdoors on Ellis Lake for a young adult retreat put on by our parish.  The Frassati Society is a young adult group we're a part of whose mission is to celebrate Blessed Pier Giorgio's example of living a life of adventure. 

We spent the weekend unplugged, focusing on our family and reconnecting with the Lord. There were great talks, daily mass, Adoration, a rosary walk at sunset, and a bluegrass seminarian band. And I must say baby Pier was a little celebrity! Everyone wanted a piece of him, and I don't blame 'em.

he sleeps allllll the time

HA! Just kidding.  Don't let such pictures fool you, a napper he is not.  I'm lucky if he maybe takes a nap during the day, and lately at night he sleeps in 2-3 hour increments. But he does look so sweet and angelic when he does sleep doesn't he?

We love you Mr. Pier and we can't wait to see what month 2 has in store!

photo 5(2).JPG