month 2

As of yesterday, our little Pier is 2 months old!  

Isn't he such a joy?! I kiss those cheeks approximately 2304987 times a day.

This baby walrus LOVES baths.  If he's fussy, a bath calms him down immediately.  He goes to town kicking and splashing away...We might have a future swimmer on our hands ;).

We're still working on sleeping! He has started to take naps more frequently but still thinks nighttime is play time...particularly at 3 a.m.

He's starting to put on some pounds....I'm not complaining because this mama is a sucker for baby rolls. I've hatched a secret plan to make him as chubby as possible mwhaha.

We love you Pier Francis! You teach us something new each day and we can't wait to watch you grow sweet boy.