hospital packing...

It's so close!!!  I'm incredibly thankful I've had this bit of me time to rest and prepare my heart and my body for the marathon that is labor (and parenthood).

After doing some research (since I've never done this before), I think I've finally narrowed down what I want to bring to the hospital with me.  We're planning on doing most of the labor at home, so the labor section isn't really applicable to the hospital. But other than that, this is it! Dr. Brad gave me the inside scoop on what the hospital already provides mom and baby with, so I tried to keep things simple.  And obviously this isn't every little thing I'm bringing, just a couple items I think will be important!

for labor

birthing ball - this is such a great tool for labor, but also for the last trimester of pregnancy when you're feeling really pregnant.

snacks - In addition to a few other snacks, I plan on snacking on this in particular to give me added boost of energy when I need it. Pineapple is a natural pain reliever plus gives you a little bit of added sugar to keep you going. I know I'll probably not feel like eating, but it is a marathon people and you can't blame me for trying!

Shaklee Performance - my sweet grandmother gifted this to me and pregnancy would have been a lot worse without it! This stuff is amazing and helps not only with hydration, but also with any nausea I've experienced.

water bottle with straw - on my many pre-baby binge shopping trips to Target, I got myself a cute (important) glass water bottle with a glass straw to use specifically for labor.  I think the hospital provides one of these, but I wanted a cute one?

heating pad - helps with all the aches and pains you'll most likely get in early labor. I use mine all the time 3rd trimester.

swimming noodle - yep, you heard me...Our doula gave us this to use for rubbing down the back for labor.  Take my word for it, it feels pretty darn amazing.

lotion - I use this brand.  The lotion helps for a smoother massage, while the lavender essential oils help me to relax.

your favorite pillow + quilt - so you have the comforts of home with you in a new environment

for baby

snuggly "going home" outfit - so he looks his best for meeting Gertie the Cat the first time

blanket - for the car ride home (the blanket in the photo is this one from Target).

baby mittens - so he doesn't scratch his cute lil face

boppy - for nursing

for mama

comfy robe – growing a human isn’t easy, so I give you permission to treat yourself in this department.  Plus you never know who will be visiting you! View my picks here, here, and here

lip balm – I'm one of those people who is addicted to the stuff.  Seriously, I can’t leave the house without it, so of course it has to come with me to the hospital.  Plus all those breathing exercises will leave your lips feeling extra're already giving birth to a baby, let's not complicate the process by adding dry lips into the equation.  Here are a few of my personal favorites, here, here, and here.

rosewater and face wipes – Rosewater one of my favorite things. It is so cooling and refreshing! I use it multiple times a day as a little pick-me-up.  It is used as a face toner in my daily routine, but I like to dab a little on my neck and wrists as a natural perfume. This is the one I use.  And then face wipes because when I'm tired the last thing I want to do is wash my face. 

nursing tanks + sweats – winning combination for before and after labor (hospital gowns are not my thing). My plan is to look as cute as possible, obviously :).

pretty socks - to keep you warm...I've already experienced some crazy hormonal temperature shifts and socks are a big thumbs up in my book.

spiritual strength – rosary (I plan to listen to a scriptural rosary on my computer), bible verses and personal intentions I wrote in my journal, small crucifix to put by my bedside, and a photo of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.