year one (part 2)

And now we celebrate!  Bradley surprised me with the most incredible anniversary trip.  We love to have little adventures together, so we decided instead of giving each other presents for Christmas and anniversaries, we will go on a memorable trip instead.  But this year our anniversary coincided with our Louisiana vacation, so I didn't think we would be doing anything special...

All that changed Sunday morning (!!!!) Because I have the best husband EVER and he wanted to make sure we did something special for our first anniversary. 

After a beautiful Pentecost mass at our parish we packed our bags for a quick night stay at the West Baden Springs Hotel in French Lick. 
We were greeted with a bottle of wine (which I didn't drink) with a cheese/fruit tray in our room. I was allllll about that (minus the me not being able to drink the wine part... definitely not about that). Here's the view of the inside of the resort from our balcony.  The building itself was built in 1902 and had the most incredible architecture.

The grounds of the hotel were glorious.  So many beautiful flowers (including PEONIES!!!). 


And here's a little 35-week bumpdate for your viewing pleasure ^

How cute is my hubby?!

As beautiful as the gardens were, our favorite part about the hotel were probably those green chairs...



The next surprise included a hiking trip to North Carolina!!! I kid, I kid. We were actually in Hoosier National Forest hiking fun things.  But you could have fooled me by the looks of these photos! Seriously, did you know Indiana could be this pretty? Me neither.  Also, it's really entertaining watching an 8 1/2 month pregnant woman hike cliff things in case you were wondering.


We had such a nice time! It was the perfect way to start off our road trip down to Louisiana.  See you in a few, LA!!!!