"muddy water take me home..."

Louisiana, you were way too good to me.  Reuniting with all my family and friends (and favorite resturaunts) was oh so good for the soul.  This last week was filled with loads of laughter, 75 degree weather, and lots of good food.  Here are a few photos from my trip --


^^^ The day I flew in, my adorable mama treated me to getting our nails done.  Yes please!

^^^ The next day we got honey lattes at our favorite local coffee shop Magpie Cafe.  My mom and I have so much fun together....we seriously  turn into a puddle of silliness and giggles pretty much every time we're in each others company.  I'm so lucky to have her in my life as both mother and best friend.

^^^ I also got to visit with my precious little niece (and godchild!) Mary Kate.  We played with bubbles, and chalk, and smelt all the pretty flowers in Annie's garden.  She is such a bundle of love and it gives me so much joy to watch her grow. 

^^^ I had to make a stop at MJ's my favorite local cafe -- Mrs. Maureen hands down makes the BEST vegetarian food (this sandwich in particular). Been dreaming about this baby since June, so obviously it was a pretty special moment.

^^^ I spent Saturday at Saint Joseph Abbey and Seminary for Abbey Youth Fest.  Can I tell you how amazing it was to simply be OUTSIDE for the WHOLE DAY!?!! I've realized that I forgot what grass looks like and how great it is to wear sandals (it was as glorious as it sounds).  Even though I got an epic sunburn and stepped in ants (ha...yep that happened), it was still such a relaxing day filled with joyous reunions, powerful speakers, and much needed prayer time. A special thanks to the Dumb Ox booth and the seminarians for taking such good care of pregnant me. 

^^^ One of the highlights of my trip was my baby shower! The left photo is of me and my lovely grandmother, and the right photo is taken with my beautiful sister-in-law who is also expecting a little one!  I blogged all about it here, if you didn't catch it the first time.

^^^  and just for kicks, here's a delightfully awkward photo of me and Deacon Brad! Ha! I just had to document his front porch visit because the next time I see him he's gonna be a priest.  So proud of you my friend!

^^^ Ah, there's really nothing more beautiful my friends.  We had a mini cajun crawfish boil at my parents house because well...you can't be in Louisiana during crawfish season and not eat crawfish.  Plus, I think the crawfish tasted better in the company of my dear friends Alexis and Jacob and my sweet brother Jeremy.

^^^ I'm gonna end this little recap with a photo of my pretty bestie Mary Claire and a snowball! We got to spend an entire day together on the feast of the Annunciation... we got snowballs to celebrate (because, duh, snowballs rule).

'til next time, Baton Rouge!