month 11

11 months already?! That is just crazy to me. We've been traveling up a storm the last few weeks and enjoying some sweet time with friends & family in Louisiana.  It was a mixed assessment of how Pier did on our flights (screamed the whole way on flight #1 and giggled the whole way on flight #2) but we made it!  And after some really cold weather in Indiana, the humidity was very welcome.


This month, I've noticed Pier's personality is getting bigger and bigger.  He's got a few baby curls when his hair is wet//sweaty, he babbles the most when it's quiet (which makes him quite popular at daily mass), and he's got one more tooth on the top. He lights up whenever we sing songs and read books.  The funniest thing he's doing right now is when he doesn't want something....he makes the most AMAZING stank face ever.  I've tried so hard to document it in a photo, but it didn't happen.  He's also really into throwing himself backwards when we hold him so he can see the world upside down.  He enjoys being upside down for some reason...weird kid.  Also when he starts to laugh, he throws his head backwards and giggles at the ceiling.


To my dismay, his first word was "Da-da" instead of mama.  I tried my hardest to get him to say mama first but, in the end, Daddy won that game.  I'm still really happy he's babbling and starting to say words... so dang cute!  Pier loves to stand up, but he still can't stand without some help from furniture or mama and daddy.  OH! And he started pointing! I am so proud!!! It's pretty hilarious how AMAZING you think your kids are when they start doing things like that....I'm all "My child is sooooo smart look at him point to a ball. Look!!! Did you see it? Don't you think he's smart? He's going to get a perfect score on his SAT one day, trust me."


It's been such a gift to be at home and show Pier all our favorite places.  We've been soaking up every second with dear friends, grandparents, and great-grandparents.  Pretty certain that he is the most popular baby in Louisiana ;).  Now we're off to New Orleans for a few days to celebrate the wedding of our bffs Jessica (Pier's godmama!) and Bill.  I don't want our time in Louisiana to come to an end!