down in new orleans

NEW ORLEANS! Man, you were fun.  I've missed your music, heat, food, and yes, even pot-holed streets.  The purpose of our trip was to celebrate the wedding of our dear friends Bill & Jessica, and I'm just gonna preface this post by saying that the Fossier Family partied hard.  Aka lots of early morning wake up calls (oh hi overtired baby that never let us sleep past 5 a.m.) and late nights (oh it's midnight already? it's ok, we're on vacation). 

The wedding fun lasted over a period of 3 days (we nicknamed it the Triduum ha!) & here's how it all went down:

We stayed at a local air b&b that gave us the space we needed to take care of Pier.  It was at a great location and allowed my parents to babysit while Brad & I had to do wedding things (we were both in the wedding party).  During our stay, we had the opportunity to visit my sister-in-law and my two sweet nieces Mary-Kate (my godchild!) and Elizabeth.  Seeing babies interact is probably one of life's greatest things.  How sweet are these photos?!

We also played tourist and took our little guy around the French Quarter...of course, I got all sentimental and remembered the time last year that I walked on those same streets when I was 36 weeks pregnant with Pier.   I cherish making memories with my people!  Especially in a city that's so magical.

IMG_3818 copy.JPG

The morning before the wedding, Brad and I had a baby free breakfast date at St. Roch Market. If you're in the Nola area you gottaaaa check it out.  So good. 

Then before we knew it, it was wedding time!  While Brad was eating and playing basketball with the groomsmen, I took Pier to the bridesmaids luncheon at Ralph's on the Park.  This goes without saying, but he was a big hit with all the ladies.  The bride is Pier's godmama, so we got to spend some quality time with her before the craziness of the wedding day hit. 

That night we went to the rehearsal dinner which was at this darling bed and breakfast on the Westbank.  One of the groomsmen works at Boucherie and cooked the entire dinner....IT was incredible.  Like, I hate to keep saying how good the food is here, but even the best food in Indiana doesn't come close to New Orleans cuisine.  I will just have to keep having dreams of bread pudding, and cochon de lait, and gumbo to hold me over until our next trip back.

Next up: the big day! The wedding was at my favorite New Orleans church, St. Francis of Assisi (actually, I don't really have a favorite because the majority of Catholic churches in the city leave me speechless, but it's definitely up there).    Of course, Jessica looked like a supermodel angel walking down that aisle.  Once we put the veil on, I couldn't look at her without crying!  She was beautiful. 

There was so much joy, prayer, and love present from the moment you entered the church... I could feel heaven meet earth as Jessica & Bill committed their lives to one another.  I'm still riding on a spiritual high from their ceremony and can't stop smiling whenever I look back on the day. 

The reception was held at the stunning Audubon Tea Room and it was the epitome of southern elegance. They even had a snowball machine there!  The dancing and celebrating was absolutely an extension of the joy felt at the mass, and we danced HARD to some epic Louisiana music.  The band behind the awesome party is the ever talented Roddie Romero & the Hub City All Stars.  They're the same band that played at Brad & I's wedding and we are their biggest fans.

Also, I got to wear a flower crown for the first time and now I wanna wear one every day. 

We finished our trip with one last party & celebrated the feast of Corpus Christi as Catholics do best -- mass, food, dancing, and cocktails.  Our friend Fr. Brad held a beautiful private mass for us at the Notre Dame seminary (one of my favorite places in New Orleans).  Then we walked right across the street to eat & drink at the Ye Old College Inn (again...the good). We caught up with some good friends that Brad & I don't get to see too often, and some of the wedding band members ended up sitting right next to us! Then, more dancing.  Roddie & his band played a show at the Rock-n-Bowl -- a bowling/bar combo that is a non-tourist-y Nola venue. 

Whew, that's it!  I'm exhausted just typing all that.  As you can imagine, we were a bit tired on our cough cough 13 hour drive home (which btw Pier screamed the whole time...).  So the past few days have been filled with much needed rest and coffee.  We sure do miss you New Orleans and we can't wait to venture down your streets again soon!